Attend the next @OCEG Implementing and Integrated GRC Capability training on 22-24 May 2017 in New York City and receive a free coaching session from a top GRC expert.

The GRC Professional training course is the only #GRC training approved by OCEG, the organization that invented GRC, and is taught by qualified professionals who have been approved by OCEG. You will receive a free coaching session from an internationally recognized expert in GRC and OCEG Fellow.

In the training you will learn about:

  • Creating a GRC road map / strategy for your organization
  • Integrating and improving governance, performance, risk and compliance programs
  • Improving use of technology to support the integrated governance, management, and assurance of performance, risk, and compliance
  • Successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam

The training will provide you with practical information with case studies, examples, and exercises to help you learn how to develop, implement, and improve an integrated GRC capability at your organization.

This training also prepares you to enhance your professional credentials by taking the GRC Professional certification exam, offered by OCEG’s affiliate organization, GRC Certify.

In fact, over 90% of participants pass the GRC Professional exam on their first attempt!

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But hurry, and spots are filling up quickly. If you wait, it will be too late and you will miss out on this special offer.

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