Plan your CPE for 2014 to include getting a GRC Professional certification.  By attending a GRC Professional seminar you not only get CPE and valuable information to help you in your GRC capability, but you also learn what you need to successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam.  At the end of this seminar you will have the tools necessary to successfully take and pass the exam. 

In the GRC Professional seminar you will learn:

  • Practical tools and examples you can use in your organization to explain GRC concepts
  • The most widely accepted GRC Capability Model in the world used by more than 40,000 individuals in the GRC space
  • What you need to know to successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam and become certified by the most respected GRC organization in the world
  • How to effectively design and enhance GRC activities across your organization

There are three public GRC Professional seminars scheduled in the United States in 2014:

Register early to save $200 with early bird pricing. 

If you have a group of 5 or more individuals, you may interested in exploring the option of having an in-house version of the GRC Professional seminar.  For more information contact Jason Mefford directly. 

This year we are also pleased to announce a GRC Advanced session in San Francisco.  This two-day seminar is intended for those who:

  • Have already attended the GRC Professional seminar, or
  • Who are already a GRC Professional, or
  • Have significant experience in the GRC space.

This will be a mastermind training focusing on the topics and best practices of group interest.  This session is being offered in San Francisco.

Finally, if you are not sure about attending a live seminar this year, but would still like more information about how to successfully study and pass the GRC Professional certification exam, check out our classes below:

GRC Professional Training (9 CPEs)
pass the exam in ONE WEEK! Learn all the tips and tricks to pass on your first try!

GRC Auditing: (5 CPEs)

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