• Changes and Progress
    How much progress are you making each day? Probably a lot more than you give yourself credit for. In this episode we discuss changes and how to assess your progress including comparing yourself, reference points, celebrating wins, and so much more…
  • E351 You Can’t Make Time
    Did you know you can’t make time? We say it all the time, but we can’t make time… we can only take time for those things that really matter to us.And, time is not real and just an illusion anyway but we spend most of our lives being a slave to the clock. In this … Read more
  • EP-42 The Answers Are Inside
    Most people are “searching for answers in all the wrong places,” when the answers are already inside of themselves, probably the hardest place to go to get the answers. Many spend years and thousands of dollars trying to “get” answers from books, courses, and gurus. In this episode we discuss how you can find those … Read more
  • Are You Interested in Psychedelics and Plant Medicine?
    Are you interested in psychedelics and plant medicine, but don’t know how to get started or know if it’s right for you? In this episode we discuss some of the basics around intention, self or guided journeys, sitters, guides, integration, and what you should know and be aware of if you want this experience. You … Read more
  • E350 Attachment to Identity
    Many people on the spiritual path give up attachment to physical and monetary assets. Some sell or give away almost everything and move to a monastery in the mountains, but that isn’t really necessary and isn’t practical for most people. The Buddha is often quoted as saying “the root of suffering is attachment” and it’s … Read more
  • Ep-41 Feeling the Energy of Others
    Has someone else energy lifted you up, or caused you to go down the emotional toilet? Whether you believe it or not, we feel and sense the energy of others and sometimes it’s damaging, and sometimes it’s edifying. In this episode we discuss how to be aware of the energies around you, protect and cleans … Read more
  • Your Unique Qualities and Connecting with Others
    What makes you unique may also make you very special. In this episode we discuss a unique quality each of us have, how we use it, why we love it, and how the world benefits from everyone’s unique gifts and helps us connect and serve others.
  • E349 Random Encounters Aren’t Random
    You might think random encounters are just random coincidences, but they are actually close encounters of a different kind, and are divinely planned.Here’s an example I had of this yesterday… LIKED THE PODCAST?If you’re the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. If you found value, … Read more
  • Ep-40 The Dark Side of the Moon
    Most want to just talk about love and light on the spiritual path, but facing your darkness and cleaning your house is an important step. How can you add more light without working through and removing some of the darkness you have accumulated by doing shadow work. In this episode we explain what that looks … Read more
  • Ep-39 Seasons of Life
    There is a season and a time to plant, tend, harvest and to rest. Each season you are in your life is important and necessary for your growth in your career, relationships, and spiritual growth. In this episode we discuss the various seasons of life and how this is a very important aspect of your … Read more
  • E347 Don’t Confuse Kindness with Weakness
    As a follow up to yesterday’s video on kindness, here is a little more context for those who may see #kindness as weakness. They are so not the same and I explain why in this video. LIKED THE PODCAST?If you’re the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends … Read more
  • Ep-38 Time to Leave
    Have you ever felt uncomfortable and just felt like you need to leave and get out of a situation? Spirit is probably tapping you on the shoulder and letting you know it’s time to move on. That could be a relationship, a physical place where you are, or a lot of other things. In this … Read more
  • E346 Burnout and the Inner Game of Life with Sima Newell
    Did you know about 80% of leaders have experienced burnout in the last 12 months? This is a serious issue that is literally killing and causing tremendous mental and physical health challenges to most people, and you may be one of those affected. In this episode I talk with Sima Newell who has experienced burnout … Read more
  • Ep-37 Soul Health: Mind, Body and Spirit Balance
    When we use the word “balance” we usually think of equal distribution between two things. What if true balance is not about two things, but three and multiple items of three? Mind, body, and spirit. Self, work and family? If you are out of balance in any of these areas you will feel wobbly and … Read more
  • E345 Leave it Alone So It Can Heal
    Have you ever cut yourself or gotten a scratch? Did you have to heal it, or did your body do it for you? Yes, we have to do our part but then our body and the universe make up the difference by doing what they do. Learn how this applies to physical, emotional, and spiritual … Read more
  • Ep-36 Paying Attention to the Signs
    There are signs and guidance all around you if you are looking and tuned in. The universe is always conspiring to help and give you guidance. Do you know how the universe communicates with you? In this episode we discuss how each of us receive guidance, what we feel, sense and know, so you can … Read more
  • E344 Time to Clean Your House
    Do you like cleaning your house, or dread that “chore?”Cleaning up our physical and energetic space is actually quite a blessing we have to be grateful for and something where we should place constant attending.And… you know me well enough to know that isn’t really what we are talking about in this video 😉 LIKED … Read more
  • Ep-35 Snake Medicine and Transmutation
    A lot of people are afraid of snakes, but there is some very powerful medicine and lessons of transformation, transmutation, shedding and letting go from snakes. In fact things you may find disgusting like snakes, cockroaches, spiders, rats and flies actually have some very powerful medicine that we should be grateful for. We discuss this … Read more
  • Kindness is Golden
    Has anyone ever done a kind things for you? How did you feel?Have you ever done a king thing for someone else? How did you feel? In this episode we dig into ways you can show kindness and literally change the course of human events by doing small acts of kindness that only take a … Read more
  • Ep-34 Stop Being So Serious and Just Live Your Fucking Life
    Many people on a spiritual path are very serious and concerned about doing the “right” thing and having consistent practices. But, what if it was more important to feel happy, joy, gratitude and just having fun living your fucking life. What if that was most important? In this episode we discuss that and the prompt … Read more
  • Assumptions in Your Decisions
    Do you ever make assumptions when you make decisions?Whether you realize it or not, you make lots of assumptions and those assumptions hurt you and hurt your relationships. In this episode we discuss how sometimes having the awkward or uncomfortable discussions, giving people an option to serve and work through things with you, and having … Read more
  • E342 Be Impeccable With Your Word
    Do you know what it means to be impeccable?It may not mean what you think it means, so check out this episode as I discuss one of “The Four Agreements” from Don Miguel Ruiz’s book. Whether you realize it or not, your words and the words of others are spells being cast all the time. … Read more
  • Ep-33 Leave it Alone So it Can Heal
    Have you ever cut yourself or gotten a scratch? Did you have to heal it, or did your body do it for you? Yes, we have to do our part but then our body and the universe make up the difference by doing what they do. Learn how this applies to physical, emotional, and spiritual … Read more
  • E341 Racoons, Elephants, Honey Pie and Ob-La-Di
    The best selling album of the 1960s is the #Beatles White Album. It’s been on my mind recently… in fact I have been listening to it incessantly every morning, which means it’s time to talk about it on the #podcast. You are already familiar with some of the more popular songs on the album like: … Read more
  • Ep-32 Sound, Frequency and Vibration
    “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”― Nikola Tesla. You can also think in terms of sound, frequency, vibration and magnetism… which is our discussion this week. What is the difference between sound, frequency and vibration? What are some practical ways to use them? … Read more
  • Why Suffer Twice
    When we make assumptions, we usually suffer twice… and the suffering in anticipation, anxiety, or fear of what may happen is usually much worse than the event itself. In this episode we discuss getting rid of assumptions so you can get on with your life.
  • E340 Lonely People
    “Are you lonely tonight?” #Elvis, or do you ever feel lonely?This episode is for all the lonely people, which really means everyone, since we all feel lonely at times. We discuss the band America and their song “Lonely People” and provide some tips to help get anyone out of that lonely feeling and back to … Read more
  • Ep-31 How to Manifest What You Want
    Are you manifesting the things you want in life? In this episode we discuss how to get what you want, and how manifestation is tied to your spiritual growth. LIKED THE PODCAST?If you’re the kind of person who likes to help others, then share this with your friends and family. If you found value, they … Read more
  • Forgiving Is Really for YOU
    Do you feel weighed down because you haven’t forgiven someone? Are you holding a grudge because of something someone else did to you? Have you actually forgiven yourself? In this episode we talk about forgiving yourself and others so you can get back to a place of self and lighten burdens you may still be … Read more
  • E339 Is Your Ego Getting in the Way?
    Think you aren’t letting your ego get in the way of your success? Think again. … One of the biggest blind spots and challenges you have is your ego… and it makes your job and life much more difficult than it needs to be. LIKED THE PODCAST?If you’re the kind of person who likes to … Read more
  • Ep-30 Releasing and Letting Go
    It’s pretty hard to add to your cup, if your cup already runneth over. Sometimes we need to release and let go before we can receive and evolve to the next level. That could be material possessions, relationships, beliefs, and even our identity. In this episode we discuss how releasing, letting go, and not having … Read more
  • E338 Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself
    Everyone feels sorry for themselves at some point. I’ve been feeling this way this last week, which is why I want to talk about how to stop and get out of this low frequency emotion. You’ll hear how raindrops and a wet butt have something to do with my experience, and I’ll share a few … Read more
  • Ep-29 Once Upon a Time There Was A Boy Named Jason
    In this episode, Brad interviews Jason about his spiritual origin story and how Jason found himself on this spiritual path. You will see that you don’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater, how puzzle pieces you collect through out your life start clicking into place, and so much more. LIKED THE PODCAST?If … Read more
  • Ep-28 Personal Power
    You may or may not have heard of the term “personal power,” but in the episode we discuss what it is, how you lose it, how you regain in, and how you can develop and grow your own personal power. Pun intended… this is a powerful episode you probably want to listen to a few … Read more
  • Incorporating the Sacred into Every Day
    Do you honor the sacred and build sacredness into each day? If you read that and thought WTF are you talking about, then this episode is for you since most people misunderstand what sacred is, but when you listen you will see how it is an important practice to increase your gratitude, peace and feeling … Read more
  • E336 Emotional Healing with Sara Intonato
    What would it feel like to be healed? To be at peace in your life? In this #podcast episode I talk with my friend Sara Intonato about her journey of healing and how being a parent of an autistic child has been such a healing blessing in her life. And before you think this isn’t … Read more
  • Ep-27 Who Are You?
    No episode with a title like that would be complete unless we made reference to and sang a little of The Who’s song… but seriously who are you? The being inside your body is who you really are, not the body you see in the mirror, or the demographics and labels society places on you. … Read more
  • Plant Medicine Woman and Changing Your Name with MisT Magdalena Grace
    Have you ever felt like something needs to change in your life or you will die? Most people feel this way at some point in their life. And in this episode we have the opportunity to hear from MisT Magdalena Grace and how she changed her life with plant medicine and spirituality. She felt something … Read more
  • E335 Healing Yourself with Angela Noelle
    When to friends get together to talk about healing and how they have both healed in the last few months, you know it’s going to be an insightful episode, and that’s exactly what you have here. Listen to Angela Noelle and Jason Mefford discuss some major changes in their lives and practical ways they have … Read more
  • Ep-26 FEAR is Not a Bad Emotion
    Fear is a normal part of being human and an important emotion to help us grow and evolve. The problem comes when we get stuck in our fear and worry. In this episode we talk about the evolution of fear and why we feel it during our human experience and how to move your attention … Read more
  • Is Change Really a Slow Process?
    You might think nothing is really changing, since you are with yourself each and every day. But, has someone ever told you “wow, I can believe how much you’ve changed” or have you said that to someone else? It’s true that often change requires a consistency and diligence over a period of time, but may … Read more
  • E334 Happy AF with Phil Gerbyshak
    Instead of sitting in the suck of life, what if you could be happy AF? In this episode I talk with my friend Phil Gerbyshak about how you too can be happy. He shares some practical advice for how he gets happy, realizing it’s a practice and not perfect, how to use gratitude to help, … Read more
  • Ep-25 Attachment to Identity
    Many people on the spiritual path give up attachment to physical and monetary assets. Some sell or give away almost everything and move to a monastery in the mountains, but that isn’t really necessary and isn’t practical for most people. The Buddha is often quoted as saying “the root of suffering is attachment” and it’s … Read more
  • When Do You Get Good Ideas?
    Have you ever received great inspiration in odd places: the shower, the toilet, the beach? In this episode we discuss where we have received some of our best ideas and why allowing, surrendering and asking the right questions and then letting the universe work its magic is usually the way to receive your greatest downloads.
  • E333 Chop Wood, Carry Water
    There is an old Zen proverb: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” In this episode we talk about what figuratively and practically that means for you in your evolution and path to enlightenment and a greater sense of peace, happiness, and well-being in your life. LIKED THE PODCAST?If you’re … Read more
  • EP-24 Getting Your Brain to Slow Down
    How do you get your brain to slow down and get rid of the monkey chatter? Do you feel like you are worrying too much, or feel pulled in many different directions? In this episode we share how we slow down our brains and get centered when life seems frenzied. FOR FULL SHOW NOTES AND … Read more
  • What Literary Character Would You Be?
    Do you have a favorite literary character? Someone you respect and admire whether fictional or factional? In this episode we talk about two of ours and transport you to Arthurian England and a dirty old man, to see what we can learn about embracing and embodying these sometimes alter-egos to help us be more authentic … Read more
  • E332 Lookin’ Out My Back Door
    Do you know who the biggest band in the world was in 1969. The answer may surprise you. We discuss learnings from this band, and how locking the front door, lookin’ out your back door, and just spending some time sitting on the porch may be just what the doctor ordered to change your life … Read more
  • Ep-23 Are Emotions Important to Your Spirituality
    Whether you like it or not, we are all incarnated as humans, and humans are emotional beings. Are emotions a good, bad, or ugly thing? If we are feeling an emotion you’d rather not feel, what do you do? In this episode we jump into this an so much more, including some practical practices we … Read more
  • Ep-22 Getting Out of a State of Low Frequency
    You’ve probably felt “low” at times. You aren’t depressed or sad, but you don’t really feel motivated either. Are you being lazy? Are you doing something wrong? How to you get back to high vibration and frequency? In this episode we share some of our own experiences when we’ve felt this way, how we get … Read more
  • Ep-20 Things Happen For You, Not To You
    What does everything happens for a reason mean spiritually? What is the difference between good and bad? Maybe it’s just a matter of judgement and perspective. In this episode we discuss how even when we may judge somethings as good or bad, those “bad” things may actually be good for us and a way to … Read more
  • Ep-19 Your Relationship with Yourself
    How do you know if you have a good relationship with yourself? Why your relationship with yourself is so important, and what does it have to do with spirituality? In this episode we discuss why your relationship with yourself is so important to your emotional and spiritual well-being and why being so hard on yourself … Read more
  • E327 How Long Are You Going to Cry Over Spilled Milk?
    You’ve heard “never cry over spilt milk,” but whether you realize it or not you are spilling milk every day of your life. What’s important is what you do when you spill the milk. Do you clean it up, or let it sit there getting sour, stinky, curdled and cry about it or beat yourself … Read more
  • Ep-18 Are You Copying or Creating?
    “True growth is not growing inside of someone else’s system of values and beliefs… It is finding and discovering your own.” In this episode we take Jason’s first impression about the quote and discuss how true growth really happens when we stop copying others and start authentically creating as an artist… and we just may … Read more
  • Find the Moments of Beauty with Valerie Anne Burns
    We are joined by two-time cancer survivor Valerie Anne Burns, who is not only a survivor but a woman who have reinvented herself over and over again. Do you want a change in your life, or need a little courage to get through? Then listen to this episode where she shares about finding a purpose, … Read more
  • E326 Pink and Orange Crayons
    Life is choice, and often as adults we are concerned with making the “right” choices… often leading us to freeze and never make a choice, or stop our feet like toddlers because what we see as the “right” choice is not one we have to choose from. In this episode I use a very childish … Read more
  • Ep-17 Is That Really What You Believe?
    “True growth is not growing inside of someone else’s system of values and beliefs… It is finding and discovering your own.” In this episode we take Brad’s first impression about the quote and discuss how our indoctrination from childhood leads to the values and beliefs we often have now… many of which we may no … Read more
  • It’s Really That Simple
    Complexity usually comes with the expensive price tag of worry and anxiety. What would happen if you simplified your life? Would you feel more peace, joy, and happiness? In this episode we share some examples of how more, and more complication is usually not your best option. And what can happen when you start making … Read more
  • Ep-16 The Air That I Breathe
    “Sometimes… all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you” The Hollies. Sometimes it’s just that simple. In fact, without breath in just a few minutes your body dies so it’s vital to life, and it’s also vital to your spiritual evolvement. In this episode we discuss how we can be … Read more
  • Accepting the Is-Ness of the Moment
    Can you accept what is, and be present in the moment? Are you judging and calling things good or bad, instead of saying “we’ll see?” “When people see things as beautiful, other things become ugly. When people see some things as good, other things become bad.” Lao Tzu. Can you withhold judgement and be grateful … Read more
  • E324 Getting Out of the Rat Race with Laura Noel
    Ever feel like you are a rat or a hamster just spinning on a wheel. Get up, go to work, come home, go to bed, get up and do it all over again. Are you ready to get out of the rat race and unlock you full potential to achieve impossible goals? Then listen to … Read more
  • Ep-15 Love, Light and Donkey Dicks
    What do donkeys have to do with love, light and spirituality? Are you compartmentalizing you life and being one kind of person at work, and another in your personal life? You can’t spend 30 minutes on the yoga mat meditating and then spend the rest of the day being a dick to everyone drinking spiritual … Read more
  • E323 Ask And It Shall Be Given to You with Ashley Pitzer
    Often answers from the universe come after we have asked ourselves specific questions. The answers may come quickly, or may take some time. In this episode I talk again with one of my favorite people, Ashley Pitzer about how she uses this process in her life and in her creative process as a writer. In … Read more
  • Ep-14 Signs, Signs, Everywhere There Are Signs
    How do you know when the universe is speaking to you, or is it just monkey chatter or what you want to tell yourself? There are signs all around you when you tune and place attention on it. In this episode we share some experiences we have both had with following signs, so you can … Read more
  • Enjoying the Little Things in Life
    How often to do you stop to enjoy the little things in life? Watching the squirrels and gnats. Appreciating the small wins and simple things you can be grateful for. Or are you the kind of person that is only looking for the big things and ignoring or under appreciating the beauty that is right … Read more
  • EP-13 The Power of Words
    You already understand the power of silence, but there is also power in the words we think, say, and listen to. In this episode we share some words to avoid and how to start using better words to co-create your reality. Your words have power and when you start becoming aware and change the words … Read more
  • What’s On Your Desk #8
    In this episode we share a few items we keep around our offices and the meaning behind each one. Not only do you learn a little more about each of us, but each item we discuss ultimately leads to some discussing some tips and wisdom on simple things you can do to unlock your potential. … Read more
  • Ep-12 Reconciling Your Profession with Your Spirituality
    When you become spiritual does that mean you have to run away from your life or career and become a monk? Absolutely not, but there may be some things you will need to align. In this episode we talk about the importance of intention and how you can reconcile and align how you make money … Read more
  • What Do You Do?
    If you are like most people, when you first meet someone new in the first few minutes you hear the question: “So what do you do?” How to you feel and respond when someone asks you that question? In this episode we discuss how putting yourself in a box, identifying with labels, labeling and judging … Read more
  • Ep-11 The Power and Sound of Silence
    Sitting in silence doesn’t mean the absence of sound. In fact, there is a power and sound to silence. In this episode we share how we find silence and how you can start doing so each and every day. After all, if you want to hear what the universe is telling you, it’s time to … Read more
  • Are You Living or a Zombie??
    I love watching movies, but I don’t watch them the way most people do.I look at the cinematography, the images, the hidden meanings, and then apply it to learn how I can be a better person. I always find messages in the movies for me. Two movies I recently watched “Living” with Bill Nighy and … Read more
  • Ep-10 What Is Your Intention?
    Intention has the power to change your life, and is critical to what we do each day. Most people go through each day doing without setting intentions and grind their way through the day, and their life… and that can be a real drag on your emotionally and spiritually. When you set an intention you … Read more
  • Is That You Universe or My Expectations and Ego?
    Have you ever felt like the universe has given you a sign? Conversely, have you ever felt like the outcome of an event was going to go badly, and then it did?Often times we may just be programming our brain to believe something due to our own confirmation biases. By believing something was going to … Read more
  • E318 An Attitude of Gratitude
    Healing happens when we shift into a higher vibration emotion, and gratitude is one of the best emotions to get us there. In this episode you will hear four simple exercises or practices that you can choose to incorporate each day that will help you heal and vibrate at a higher frequency. When you feel … Read more
  • Ep-9 Listening When the Universe Speaks
    How do you listen to what the universe is telling you? What are the ways the universe speaks to you? It may be a little different for each person, and in this episode we discuss real life examples of how the universe speaks to each of us. The more you learn to listen, and watch … Read more
  • Cycles and Seasons
    A common saying is “every cloud has a silver lining”, and the point of this saying is essentially to try to find the good that comes with the bad.In today’s episode we discuss the cyclical nature of life, the world around us and how we can all find the good in hard times.
  • E317 You Don’t Need a Therapist, Coach or Guru
    When things aren’t going as you’d like, it’s easy to think we need a therapist, a coach, or a guru to tell us what we need to fix and make our problems go away, but that’s not how it works. Often you are left broke and worse off than you started… especially when the therapist, … Read more
  • What If I Gave You $100?
    If I handed you a crisp $100 bill, would you: A. Take the money and run… turn around and walk away?B. Take the money and say thank you?C. Not take the money because you don’t feel worthy, or think I have some ulterior motive?D. Take the money and send prayers and gratitude my way each … Read more
  • Ep-8 Balancing Energy By Practicing Ayni
    Ayni is a funny sounding word that has a huge impact on your growth and evolvement. If you are struggling to manifest it could be that you are energetically out of alignment with the universe and it’s probably time to learn about and start practicing ayni. We discuss the differences between specific and general reciprocity … Read more
  • Ep-7 Surrendering and Giving Up Control
    Why is surrendering so important to your spiritual evolvement? We answer this and discuss why trying to hold onto the illusion of control actually blocks you off from the universe by keeping your monkey mind active, putting you in fear and anxiety by trying to white knuckle your way through life, and how it can … Read more
  • Cancer Saved My Life with Emilee Garfield
    In this week’s episode of Fire and Earth we have Emilee Garfield on the show. Emilee is here to share with us her life story from it’s tragic origins, through to her later tribulations all the way up to the present day where all of that has turned around!Emilee is a wonderful example of how … Read more
  • Ep-6 Awareness in the Present Moment
    What does awareness mean in spirituality? What is the importance of spiritual awareness and why should be spend time each day in the present moment? We answer these questions and so much more in this episode. Your emotional state and frequency are usually determine by whether you are spending time in the past, present, or … Read more
  • Overcoming Body Image Issues
    In today’s Fire and Earth Podcast we discuss body image issues, the medias influence, as well as our own stories on the matter. Often times it can be hard to look at ourselves in the mirror, but know that things will be okay as we dive into these issues, as well as discuss how to … Read more
  • E314 Life is Just a Science Experiment with Sarah Kalmeta
    How can you add more possibility to your life? How can you pivot when what you are doing isn’t working anymore or you have a sixth sense there is something more out there for you? Listen to this interview with Sarah “The Pivoter” Kalmeta, who we welcome back to #jammingwithjason #podcast for another episode. We … Read more
  • Ep-5 An Attitude of Gratitude
    Why is gratitude important to your spirituality? Where does gratitude fit in the spiritual life? How do you show gratitude spiritually? We answer these questions and so much more in this episode. Gratitude might be the ultimate spiritual practice, and it’s something that literally only takes a few seconds each day, but can have one … Read more
  • What’s On Your Desk #7
    In this episode we share a few items we keep around our offices and the meaning behind each one. Not only do you learn a little more about each of us, but each item we discuss ultimately leads to some discussing some tips and wisdom on simple things you can do to unlock your potential. … Read more
  • E313 Pennies in Your Pocket with Eric Karnezis
    Does past anger, shame, guilt and pain creep back into your life when you thought you’d worked through it already? Maybe there are some things from your past that you just don’t want to admit or address so you can move on. We’ve all been there and they are like pennies you forgot about at … Read more
  • Ep-4 Connecting With Nature
    Are there benefits of connecting with nature? Absolutely in many different ways. As humans we spend most of our lives in buildings, cars and in front of TV and computer screens and are usually disconnected from nature. We explain how you can do some simple things to reconnect with nature regardless of if you live … Read more
  • What’s On Your Desk #6
    In this episode we share a few items we keep around our offices and the meaning behind each one. Not only do you learn a little more about each of us, but each item we discuss ultimately leads to some discussing some tips and wisdom on simple things you can do to unlock your potential. … Read more
  • E312 International Man of Mystery Jason Mefford with Ashley Pitzer
    International Man of Mystery Jason Mefford talks about the greatest gift is hope. He is a man who serves in many capacities, including Risk Manager, Confidential Advisor, Teacher, Coach, and Podcaster. At heart, Jason is an Edu-Trainer, and his knowledge is vast. Please check out his two podcasts, Fire and Earth, and Jamming with Jason. … Read more
  • Ep-3 What Is Spirituality?
    What is spirituality? How do you explain it and what does it look like for you? Each person has a different idea and so we share how we think about it, and how you can decide what it means for you. There are many different spiritual paths, modalities, and practices so it’s important to find … Read more
  • Hope and Happiness
    Have you ever found yourself thinking “If only I had this” or “Once I make a certain amount of money” or “If I can finally be with …” “Then I would be happy”? Well in this weeks podcast we’re here to discuss happiness and how it doesn’t come from external things, but that it comes … Read more
  • E311 Jumping into Her Whole Life with Padma Ali
    Do you ever feel like you are walking around a pool, dipping your toes in, but just don’t have the courage to take the full plunge and jump into the whole of what life has to offer you? I have and I’m sure you have too. In this #jammingwithjason #podcast I talk with my sister … Read more
  • Ep-2 Why Intuition is Better Than Logic
    You’ve been taught to be logical, practical, analytical… so is there any place for intuition in your life? Did you realize intuition is actually better than logic? If you are a professional, you’ve probably been taught to not trust your heart or gut and that all of your decisions should be logical based. Trouble is … Read more
  • Compassion For Your Enemies
    When asked “What is best in life?” Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, in the film “Conan the Barbarian”, “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!”How much of a great movie quote that is, sometimes that isn’t the best way to handle our “enemies” in life. Often … Read more
  • E310 I Dream of Writing with Ashley Pitzer
    Do you want to write a book?Since she was a little girl, Ashley wanted to write a book but kept putting it off as life got in the way. Hear her story and see how when she surrendered and got into the flow, the universe helped the words flow and her new book “The Birth … Read more
  • Ep-1 Walking a Spiritual Path
    Are you already walking a spiritual path or curious about going down that path? Perhaps you have been taught to be analytical in your profession, grew up religious, but know there is more to life but just can’t put all of the pieces together and how to reconcile between the different parts of your life. … Read more
  • E309 Coming Back Home to Music with Reshanda Yates
    Did your parents make you play an instrument when you were young and you just hated practicing? Maybe you’ve given up on music because it was so much work to practice, it’s competitive, or you just felt like you were not that good. I know I fit into that category and so did my guest … Read more
  • E308 You Will Not Break Me with Jeffrey L Edwards
    What would you do when you watch your father die in front of you, realize your childhood is over, and get recruited to a life of gangs and drugs. You turn to music as your sanctuary and escape into writing and listening to music and create an alter ego that helps you create the life … Read more
  • I Will Get to You When I’m Done with Me
    In today’s episode we discuss the importance of self care.It’s very easy for a lot of us to be living our lives for other people. A common example would be a mother who is constantly doing things to take care of their kids, or the work-a-holic that is constantly working to appease their boss.It’s not … Read more