CAE Roundtables keep you stuck where you are, or even worse, they give you bad ideas that don’t work for your specific situation and make you look silly to the other executives in your organization.

Check out this video:

CAE Roundtables lack consistency, community and coaching. They are usually an echo-chamber of people beating their chests and explaining all the great things they are doing, or people comparing themselves to others.

If you are like most CAEs you don’t need to waste anymore time on roundtables.

What CAEs need now is consistency, community and coaching. The fact that you are still listening to this video means that’s what you want that too.

So where can you find a group of like-minded peer CAEs that is consistent, has a sense of community, and provides real-time access to confidential advisors and executive coaches???

The CAE Forum is the ONLY interactive forum of CAEs that has consistency, community, and confidential advisors. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the website, see what it has to offer, and what others are saying about the benefits they’ve gotten with their membership.

The CAE Forum is not right for everyone, but it just might be exactly what you are looking for.

If you are tired of ineffective chief audit executive roundtables and want a better option, consider joining a community of like-minded CAEs that is consistent and confidential.

Check out this link to learn more:

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