Choosing Happiness During Challenging Times

Whether you believe it or not, happiness is a choice and isn’t something that happens to you when you get to a certain place in life, and that’s one of the many things I talk with my friend Jane Emfinger.

Is it possible to be happy when you go through what most people consider to be challenges in life like: divorce, being a single parent, battling cancer, and losing your job?


This episode is packed with information you need to hear like: 3 questions to ask yourself when you feel stuck in your career, being authentically you at work, not needing a corporate lobotomy (aka corporate leadership training), moving on from relationship that no longer serve you, silence and listen use the same letters, what executive presence really is, and so much more.

One of Jane’s life’s mottos is “I serve those who need me, not those who lead me”, which you can guess sometimes ruffled the feathers of the stiff and serious executives she worked with. She speaks her mind. See why I like her?

And she has a story that everyone needs to hear.

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And if you don’t want to have executive presence and confident that unique to you, without conforming and becoming a corporate plastic, check this out:

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