Is there value in getting professional certifications?

Companies value professionals who proactively seek opportunities to develop their skills and expertise. One of the best ways for individuals to demonstrate their commitment to career growth is by pursuing industry-recognized certifications.

Earning professional designations can provide numerous benefits, including improved career prospects and enhanced earning power. According to the Robert Half 2008 Salary Guide, possessing an industry-recognized credential can raise a job candidate’s starting salary by as much as 10 percent.

As the business world becomes more complex and specialized, the demand for individuals with industry recognized credentials will continue to intensify. Corporate governance reforms, an increasingly global business environment and rapidly changing technologies have fueled the need for professionals with advanced skills and up-to-date knowledge.

Certain credentials have become particularly relevant with recent changes to the business environment. These designations relate to a professional’s ability to understand the intricacies of corporate governance, risk management, internal controls, assurance, and compliance include:

– Certified Internal Auditor (CIA),
– Certificate in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA),
– GRC Professional (GRCP),
– GRC Auditor (GRCA), and
– Certified Risk Based Auditor (CRBA)

In the years ahead, organizations are likely to place even more value on certifications as a means of differentiating top job applicants.

Do certifications have value? You bet they do!

Are you certified and what plans do you have to get certified?

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