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The past couple of weeks I have been on the road teaching a GRC Professional training course in Singapore, and a Risk-Based Internal Audit, COSO 2013, Consulting Skills for Auditors course in Jeddah, KSA.  In my travels this trip there are a couple of things that came to my mind.

First, when I was in Singapore teaching, and helping OCEG’s newest training partner: Straits Interactive get certified and start their training program, it reminded me of how much the concept of Principled Performance resonates with individuals.  I had a literal brain-trust of experience in the training.  People with years of experience running multi-national organizations in south-east Asia with experience in risk management, compliance, data privacy, sales, marketing, etc… and the concept of Principled Performance as the reason for why we do GRC just seemed to click with everyone.

Our meetings with the Singapore Institute of Directors resulted in the same situation.  The concept of Principle Performance seems to resonate with people as the way of the future.  The way to keep organizations in business for the long-term and protect shareholder value.

Second, focusing on objectives and how to help our organizations achieve their objective in selecting audits is the way to go.  Just like Principled Performance, a risk-based audit approach, focusing on the organization’s key objectives is the future.  The future of adding true value to our organizations and help them succeed in the long-term.

I also wanted to share some exciting news with everyone.

New Book with Brian Tracy

My agent just got me a publishing deal with CelebrityPress® to co-author a book with Brian Tracy called Masters of Success.  I have finished a chapter of the book, which I have posted on LinkedIn.  It discusses the importance of using Principled Performance as a way to make better business decisions.  I would encourage you to read through and provide me with comments and feedback.  I will send out a message when the book is ready for purchase, later in 2016.  You can Read More …

New Online CIA Training

I am in the process of wrapping up the recording of a new e-learning course for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam.  I teach the CIA review course in public and in-house versions, but realize many individuals do not have the budget or ability to travel to a live course.  I am partnering with the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) as a training partner, providing review courses using their CIA Learning System.

This new, and one-of-a-kind training option allows individuals to study for the CIA exam on their own time, using the IIA’s CIA Learning System, and pre-recorded video lectures by me.  We are the only company offering this option of training that will be a great benefit to those studying for the CIA exam, who would like a little more help that purely self-study reading, but cannot attend a live training course due to travel or budget constraints.

I will send out a message when this training is available, which is anticipated for the end of January to middle of February.  You can access information about this training at:

Where in the World is Jason?
As an internationally sought after speaker, trainer and business coach, Jason Mefford travels the world helping people improve themselves and their organizations.  Here are some pictures from recent trips.
Dinner in Singapore with the newest OCEG training partner: Straits Interactive, and the Singapore Institute of Directors.
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The participants of the GRC Professional course in Singapore.  Countries represented: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, and Finland.

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Jeddah, KSA with the internal audit team of Abdul Latif Jameel.  Training on Risk-Based Internal Audit, COSO 2013, and consultancy skills for internal auditors.

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Interesting Image
Upcoming Trainings
Certified Risk-Based Auditor

Kuwait City – 28 Feb – 3 Mar 2016

Dubai – 24-28 Apr 2016

Doha – 8-12 May 2016

New York City – 1-4 Aug 2016

Riyadh – 21-25 Aug 2016

Muscat – 28 Aug – 1 Sep 2016

Abu Dhabi – 25-29 Sep 2016

Jeddah – 23-27 Oct 2016

Dubai – 20-24 Nov 2016

GRC Professional
CIA Part 1 & 2
CIA Part 3
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