I want to let you in on a little secret I learned almost 10 years ago.  Even though I learned about this 10 years ago, I am still amazed at how few people know about the best investment you can make with your GRC budget dollars.  I have experienced a significant return on this investment, that I only wish I could have made similarly on my stock market investments.

What I am referring to is the amazing value you get from an OCEG All Access Pass (AAP) Membership.  For a very nominal annual price you get access to an amazing body of knowledge that helps you personally in your career, but also helps you in implementing an integrated GRC capability in your organization.

It even helps if you are only responsible for a particular capability within the larger GRC umbrella like: governance, risk management, compliance, IT GRC, internal audit, ethics & culture.

I found out about OCEG when I was the Chief Audit Executive (CAE), Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO) and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at one of my previous companies.  The information I gained from OCEG allowed me to develop and implement an effective ethics and compliance program, which eventually expanded into a more integrated approach to governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC).  It allowed us to utilize an established framework and approach to GRC that was developed by the organization that invented GRC.  It provided me with the resources, information, and messaging necessary to help me successfully implement a GRC capability.

I found tremendous value in the AAP 10 years ago, and it is an even better value today.  Many more resources have been developed and there is also the opportunity to receive individual certifications at no additional cost.  That’s right, individual certifications through OCEG are FREE with the AAP.

Not only are they FREE, but they are considered the top GRC certifications in the world.  Remember, OCEG invented GRC and is the only organization with an internationally accepted GRC Capability Model.

In fact, the GRC Professional certification has been recognized by the industry as a top international GRC certification by:

  • Governance Defined: What it is, Why it’s Important, and Which Certs Can Help -Certification Magazine – http://goo.gl/b5fkWK
  • The Top 6 Governance, Risk and Compliance certifications – CIO Magazine – http://goo.gl/lMQxU7
  • 18 Certifications Worth Having – Global Knowledge – http://goo.gl/npmE95

As I mentioned the value you get with an AAP has grown exponentially over the last 10 years.  You know get all of the following information as part of your membership:

  • OCEG Get Started Kit
  • OCEG GRC Capability Model (Red Book)
  • GRC industry and solution updates and articles
  • Access to FREE live webinars
  • Special offers to access new GRC illustrations and benchmark studies
  • Participation in surveys that shape the GRC industry
  • Personal OCEG profile to manage communication
  • GRC Capability Assessment Guide
  • GRC Technology Solutions Guide
  • GRC Fundamentals eLearning Program
  • NASBA CPE credit for all LIVE webinars
  • All videos in the Tech Talk Series
  • More than 100 archived webinars
  • More than 60 infographics including the GRC Illustrated Series
  • More than 7 Digital eBooks
  • Wide variety of topic and role specific guides and resources
  • GRCP and GRCA Certifications (Now INCLUDED with All Access Passes)
  • Priority email and phone support

You can learn more about OCEG by visiting their website at: http://www.oceg.org

Here are some courses to help you successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam:

To learn more about GRC come check out our courses below:

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