If you have ever considered getting a certification in GRC, you should really consider the OCEG GRC Professional certification.

OCEG was the organization that invented GRC, and has the only industry recognized, and internationally accepted GRC certification.

OCEG GRCP listed in
“Governance Defined: What it is. Why it’s Important and Which Certs Can Help”

OCEG GRCP listed in “Top 6 Governance, Risk and Compliance Certifications”

OCEG GRCP listed as #5 of “18 Certifications Worth Having”

The most effective way to prepare to successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam is to attend an OCEG GRC Professional training course.  You will learn:

  • How to develop a GRC strategic plan and gain commitment from your board and senior management
  • How to explain the value of Principled Performance, and an integrated approach to GRC, to your management and board
  • How to implement effective, efficient and agile GRC processes using the OCEG GRC Capability Model
  • How technology and information can be effectively used in the GRC capability
  • How to successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam.

This training is so effective at helping you prepare for the GRC Professional exam, that

over 90% of attendees pass the exam on their first attempt.

Get registered NOW, and be on your way to receiving the top GRC certification in the world.

Register for:

GRC Professional Training (9 CPEs)
pass the exam in ONE WEEK! Learn all the tips and tricks to pass on your first try!


GRC Auditing: (5 CPEs)


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