VIP Be Careful What You Measure… It Just Might Bite You in the Butt

In this week’s Jamming with Jason podcast we have Guido Van Drunen back on the show to discuss how what we are measuring may not be what we SHOULD be measuring.

In fact, what you choose to measure and focus your attention on, may actually make it more difficult to achieve your goals or you give you a false sense that things are on track since you are checking off the boxes and your numbers are tracking, to only find out later that the train went off the tracks when you weren’t looking.

While measuring certain data points, it can be easy to create certain situations where we bring about unintended consequences.

Despite the fact that some of these consequences may not be nefarious in nature, it can lead to quite destructive behavior that can hurt you and your organization.

One common example would be that if a company tracks safety metrics, it may lead to employees no longer reporting on the job accidents in order to continue receiving certain incentives. Maybe that personal fitness goal is actually causing you to focus your attention on the wrong area and making it difficult to lose weight because you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself by what you choose to measure?

Get the idea??

So listen in to today’s episode “Be Careful What You Measure” and see how you can change your perspective on tracking numbers for the better… and as with all episode there is a business and personal applicability of what we are discussing.

So… be careful what you measure or it just might bite you in the butt.

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