VIP Cognitive Biases are Hurting You

Cognitive biases are hurting you

Mistakes from some of the largest companies in the world on return to the office is costing billions of dollars, and most of it as a result of the same thing… cognitive biases of their executive leadership.

If cognitive biases can affect the largest organization in the world, can they also affect you?

Don’t want to make the same mistakes in your organization?

Discover how in this week’s Jamming with Jason podcast where I talk with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky about what the result of research from organizations like Harvard, SHRM, Microsoft and others is showing about the reality of bring employees back into the office.

Cognitive biases are running rampant.

“Leadership Biases in Returning to the Office with Dr. Gleb Tsipursky”

And the numbers are shocking!!

You’ll see how much more productive employees are when they work from home, how 50% of employees will look for a new job if they don’t have remote work options, and how ineffective it is to manage people in person versus remotely.

What’s scary is you may be the cause of lower productivity and not even realize it.

We discuss what employees really want based on the research, cognitive biases leaders continue to make when it comes to returning to the office (some of which are very discriminatory), and how a team led hybrid with some full remote options is quickly becoming the new normal, along with what you need to do to be successful and more productive.

Where could cognitive biases be hurting you or holding you back?

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