Are you a little out of balance?

Do you feel like your life is a little out of balance?

Would you like more energy and want to feel happier?

Who doesn’t!

What if you could get that without popping pills, or loading up on caffeine?

Then this podcast episode with my friend, Dr. Jeannie Arunima is made just for you.

And we aren’t just talking about work / life balance, but balancing mind, body and spirit… something so many of us neglect, and when you do you just seem a little off.

Hear her journey of healing and balance through trauma, depression, fibromyalgia, and Graves’ disease using technique she learned as a student from Japanese medicine and ancient yogic wisdom. And there is a whole lot more in this episode.

And she recently release audio journeys that incorporate healing techniques, where you heal as you listen. It’s another natural option that just may be exactly what will help you heal.

Jeannie is a natural empath and medical intuitive shares a simple and natural, self-healing practices she learned as a student of renowned Japanese master healer, Dr. M.M. Nakazono, and her travels to India where she studied ancient yogic wisdom with a beloved meditation teacher which she has practiced and loved for over 40 years, and now has included much of this healing into her audio journeys we speak about on the podcast. And all of this is supported also by her 21 years of practice when she was licensed as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.

Learn more about Jeannie and get her audio journeys at:

I use them and love them!

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