Are You Pushing Down Your Feelings??

Do you fear being seen as a failure, or not measuring up? Most people do.

In this week’s podcast we talk about the male perspective of relationships and why so many men seem like they aren’t present and aren’t in the game with their relationship. Believe it or not, but most men have been taught to push down and repress our feelings as little boys, and that shows up usually even as men.

This is a must listen episode for men, and for women who love and are in relationships with men.

Learn how Israel was able to overcome a debilitating depression by realizing he couldn’t do it by himself, and ways he was able to pull himself out of it, along with practical tips and steps that are helping so many other men.

And at the end of the day, what really matters is the people we love and the connection we can make with others when we learn how to be vulnerable and be ourselves.

What Really Matters is the People We Love with Israel Smith

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Have a great rest of your week,
Jason Mefford