Do You Have a Mindful Practice?

Several years ago I attended the Mindful Workplace Summit. It seemed like question everyone was asking me during the event was: “do you have a practice.”

The first day, I kept wondering what the hell they were talking about. I don’t have a CPA practice, but I do have a business… is that the same? I was very confused.

But that wasn’t at all what they were asking.

What they wanted to know was if I had a mindfulness practice, meaning did I practice mindful techniques each day?

If you are not familiar, here’s what that means. There are certain activities we can do that put us in a mindful state in the present moment. The most common ones that people think of are meditation and yoga, but did you know there are many other ways you can practice mindfulness including eating, walking, listening to music, and really in almost any activity you are doing.

Do you have mindful practices? If so, respond back to this email and let me know what they are.

There are significant health and productivity benefits to being more mindful and present, so much so that organizations are investing billions of dollars each year.

I’ve known Holly Duckworth for several years through the National Speakers Association that we both belong to, and I had Holly on the Fire and Earth Podcast I do with Kathy Gruver recently. It was such a great episode that I also ran it on Jamming with Jason.

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