We discuss how staying stuck in the set of rules we believe (human, cultural, family, etc…) can hold us back from achieving our dreams with award-winning film maker Denise Soler Cox. Often we feel stuck between two worlds that have competing expectations. If we do what we feel compelled and what’s in our best interest, are we betraying our family? Listen in to learn the answer, which just may surprise you, but will let you know you are not alone in how you feel.

What the group you belong to may see as selfish, is most often a generous act of selfishness that can literally have a positive impact millions of people. When we understand our magnificent obsession and listen to our heart more than our mind, we really can unlock our dreams and change the world.

Watch Denise’s documentary film “Being Enye” at http://enyethemovie.com. To learn more about the Enye Dream Accelerator program Denise runs to help you find and accelerate your dreams, visit: https://www.enyenation.com/enyedreamaccelerator-4-waitlist

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