Whether you believe me or not, training and certifications for internal audit are discriminatory, pre-historic, and usually a waste of time and money.

I understand and respect if you don’t agree, but watch this recent podcast episode where I was interviewed on this topic and then make up your own mind.

I was interviewed for Jon Taber’s “Audit 15 FUN” podcast. My thanks to Jon for having me on his show. Link to Jon’s podcast episode and YouTube video below…

The times for internal audit are changing and to be successful in the future you will need to consider changing how you get training and certifications.

Here’s what Jon said in the show notes:

“In this episode, I had the chance to interview Jason Mefford and talk about #training #education, and #certifications in the Internal Audit profession.

Do you think you need the CIA certification to be a successful Internal Auditor? Listen in to check what Jason had to say about that. I hope you enjoy it!

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