Is Your Job Killing YOU?

Most people’s jobs are a pressure cooker of stress and emotions, and that carries over into your personal life and performance at work.

Headaches, back pain, trouble sleeping is probably stress related and you don’t even realize it.

Maybe you already ready realize it, but just don’t know how to break free.

Are you feeling pressure at work and would like to create a better, healthier version of yourself that not only shows up differently at work, but also at home?

Then you need to listen to this episode with my friend Sasja Chomos where we discuss balancing pressure to deliver with being humane to those around us, what to do if you feel bullied at work, practices for regulating your emotions, letting off some steam, and so much more.

And she has personal stories of going through these things herself, with her family and clients you need to hear, just like I do.

You are not alone if you feel this way.


Sasja is a specialist in organizational culture, leadership coaching and development, and employee engagement. Driven by her core purpose to create conditions for individuals, teams, and organizations to excel, Sasja helps people develop the mindset and skills they need to achieve superior results.

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