Kobe Bryant and Shitty Leaders

What do Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry have in common? Besides being world-class professional basketball players, they have also had the same performance coach, our guest on the podcast Alan Stein Jr.

While these men may be peak performers in their craft, anyone has the ability to be at the top of their game in their chosen crafts and that’s what Alan’s here to share.

In this episode we have Alan Stein Jr. to share with us his brand new book “Sustain Your Game”!

For quite a number of years Alan has been a Basketball Performance Coach for a lot of the biggest names in the NBA. Having worked with these amazing athletes over the years Alan has taken a lot of lessons he has learned in that field and has applied it to the world of business and becoming a keynote speaker.

Alan’s book “Sustain Your Game” as well as his first book “Raise Your Game” share the methods that the greats use to become the best that they can be, and shows you how those methods and teachings can be applied to your life to make you great at whatever avenues in life that you want to pursue!

Alan has figured out what makes top performers, the top performers and he shares those secrets in this episode.



Have you ever worked for someone you thought was a horrible boss? Maybe you even used some choice words to describe them. Most people have.

Before you make any more judgements, take a listen to this podcast episode with Mark Robinson, the Shitty Leadership Coach.

That shitty leadership you experienced is more likely the result of a shitty culture and trained behavior, not necessarily the fault of the leader… which is a good thing since as Mark admitted, we are often the shitty leader and don’t even realize it. I’ve been guilty of this too in my career.

Could you be a shitty leader and not even know it?

The nice thing: culture and trained behavior can be fixed as Mark explains. The more active leadership and self aware we all are, the less shit we bring into the workplace.

A few of the things we discuss in this episode: frequency, energy vampires, emotional intelligence and maturity, being triggered, determining if you are a shitty leader, right vs. kind, why people are terrified to be authentic at work, vulnerability, the power of choice, self awareness as a leader, hurt people hurt people, treating people as individuals, customized approach to managing, shame, blame and bullies… and so much more.