Running Naked

I’ve started running naked, and I’m loving it.

Nothing but me and mother nature out in front of me, takes me back to my youth.

I feel more vibrant and alive.

Now before I get much further I have a few things I should disclaim.

I am not running without any clothes. 

That would be dangerous for me in many ways, and embarrassing for others (they’d be jealous of my god-like body :).

And I’m walking more than I’m running since I am getting back into the swing of running again and don’t want to over-do-it and risk injury like I have in the past.

Slow and steady wins the race anyway.

What I’m doing is going without my phone or any electronic devices.

I used to listen to music, podcasts, trainings, worry about my phone tracking my progress, but I’ve given that up for now.

Just me, nature, and my thoughts. Time just for me connecting with my body and this beautiful world.

I’m hearing the birds again and noticing things around and within me that I’ve been ignoring for years.

When was the last time you went without your phone? 

Has technology become a distraction that takes you away from just BEing you for a few minutes?

What are you missing out on in life because of distracting behaviors and white noise that’s always on in the background?

Why not get naked more often…

It’s good for the mind, body and spirit.