Show Me Your Ziggy Stardust Tattoo

If you feel alone and think you are the only person who likes something, think again… I promise there are a lot of people in the world who think like you, who like the same things you do.

It’s OK to BE YOU!

In this Being Uniquely You video, I describe an experience I had in New York City several years ago when I visited a #DavidBowie exhibit, and a few other explains to show you how you can find your people in the world. When you do it #authentically, you will find you are not alone, and it’s perfectly OK to BE you!

And in this video I will share with you some safe ways to let others know a little bit about you, and those that are interested will ask for more and strike up a conversation. Same thing that happened to me in a NYC subway when a man showed me his Ziggy Stardust tattoo and we talked about David Bowie until he had to hop off the train.

Here’s the video, and below are some gems from Mr. Bowie.

Space Oddity Music Video