Most motivational speakers use words like “make massive change,” “set a big harry, audacious goal,” “work until your eye balls bleed.” You get the point, and you are left feeling that unless you scale Mt Everest you are a failure. That’s why so many people never start, or stop quickly.

But what if that is a broken strategy that just sets you up to fail… and the real trick is making the little 1% changes that make all the difference, when you are working from the identity of the person who already has what you want? Seems much simpler and it actually works.

You go from “trying to lose weight” to being an athlete. When you set your intention on being an athlete or someone who is healthy, the path you need to take becomes clear when you decide. You don’t have to know all the steps to get started, and even a poor decision is better than no decision.

My guest today is Luke Layman. He is a former fighter pilot, entrepreneur, and host of the Shift Work podcast. As CEO and investor in a family of 7 & 8 figure businesses, he understands what it takes to grow and scale businesses. Luke believes entrepreneurship is the only path to true wealth and freedom. He is passionate about living a life of intentional alignment, making 1% changes, and leaving behind a trail of better humans.

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