Sometime You Just Need a Little Break

I just couldn’t help myself.

As I was typing the subject line for this post, the commercial jingle “gimmee a break, gimmee a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar” played in my head. Hope it put a smile on your face if you are familiar with the classic TV ad 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with ad, I’ve included a copy below that you can listen to.

So, I want to talk briefly about taking a break, since sometimes you just need a little break.

You may have notice the last couple of weeks we’ve been running Encore and Flashback Friday episodes on the podcast. After doing the podcast for over three years now, with new episodes most every week, I needed a little break from recording as we prepare for some new information and a little re-fresh on the podcast.

Nothing to worry about. You will still get some amazing interviews and stories from some amazing people. You will still get great content, and practical tips that make your life better. We just have some new things planned to give you more value each time you listen. More on that soon.

So back to breaks. Most people get so caught up in doing that they don’t take breaks. They keep pushing and pushing until they become exhausted and often end up in burnout.

And even though I love Neil Young, and his song that says “it’s better to burnout, than to fade away” he’s not talking about this kind of burnout, and believe me that’s not a fun place to be (btw a link to him singing that is below too).

So this week I’m sharing one of the most listened to episodes we’ve done on the Fire & Earth Podcast on this topic (see below).

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Here’s the “Take Smoke Breaks to Avoid Burnout” episode from the Fire & Earth Podcast. While we are not advocating smoking, taking breaks is so important, in fact sitting is the new smoking as far as negative health effects, and I’m guessing you do a lot of sitting each day. Plus this is one of the most listened to episodes from that podcast.

So take a listen to that episode, take some breaks this week, and maybe even grab yourself a Kit Kat bar or another of your favorite snacks or beverage on your next break.