VIP A Little Extra Effort Can Make All the Difference

Most people do just enough to get by … and end up having an average life, but what can you achieve with just a little bit of extra effort?

A whole lot more than you might expect.

The fact that you are reading this email means you don’t want to settle for just average.

And I’m not meaning putting in 50% more effort than everyone else. Sometimes even as little as 1% can translate to a significant difference.

In a recent Jamming with Jason podcast episode I share some real life stories along with a story regarding “The Greatest of All Time” about the difference a little extra effort can make in your life.

The people in these stories got results, and with a little application you can too!

Check it out at:

When you listen, you will be proving you are above average.

And every time you do something, you will put in that little extra effort that will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life.

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