VIP Are echo chambers creating leadership blind spots?

As a leader, you may have some blind spots you aren’t even aware of … that’s why they are called blind spots.

A big one that holds most leaders back and really limits your effectiveness as a leader are echo chambers. Are you living in any echo chambers?

If you are like most people the answer is probably YES.

Operating in echo chambers limits your visibility into what is really going on, since you are unconsciously only viewing everything from a limited perspective, which often leads to poor decisions since you don’t have all of the facts.

And I’m guessing you’d rather make good decisions instead of poor decisions, right?

In this week’s Jamming with Jason podcast I’m talking about echo chambers and how you can get out of the ones you may find yourself in so you can make better, quicker decisions as a leader.

Listen in at: and see how much freedom you can experience when you break out.

This week be a little more conscious of the echo chambers you may find yourself in and start taking steps to break free. It is liberating!

Have a great week.

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