VIP Avoiding a Mid-Life Crisis

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In a recent Jamming with Jason podcast I speak with my friend Mo Issa about his journey of self discovery and finding what is really important in life.

I met Mo many years ago when we were both trained to be coaches by Brian Tracy and we have continued our friendship as our paths keep crossing.

Mo is one of the most authentic, reflective and wise people I know, so thought it was perfect to have him on the podcast to discuss how to become more self-aware, intentional, and learn how to slow down and relax… things most of us don’t start doing until a mid-life crisis.

Most people go through life in a hypnotic trance and wake up one day to realize there are fewer years ahead of them than what they’ve lived. Panic often sets in and you experience to proverbial “mid-life crisis” and start making life changes. Sound familiar?

Are you going through life in a hypnotic trance?

I’m guessing you don’t want to have a “crisis” in your life before you start implementing this wisdom, right?!

Discover what you can do now to avoid your own mid-life crisis, or if you are in the middle of it now, what you can do to get out.

And of course, like usual there are lots of quotable lines and lessons for you to develop habits that help you live your best life and get the most out of your career.

Listen to this week’s episode at:

How can you reflect more and be more intentional in your life this week?

You can either let circumstance dictate your life by staying in a trance, and usually wake up years later with regret, or you can be more intentional and create the future you want.

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The choice is up to you. Stay in a trance or take control.

Until next week…

Get a VIP backstage pass and behind the scenes information when you join the VIP Lounge with Jason Mefford:

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