VIP BEing Uniquely YOU

I’ll keep it short this week since I’m about to get in the car and drive to norther California for a business trip the rest of this week.

I posted an article this last week on LinkedIn that now has over 2,200 reads, which means you will also find it helpful, so I put a copy on my website.

“I Like You Just the Way You Are” is one of my favorite quotes from Mr. Rogers and is the theme for the article.

I’m here to tell you it’s already to be weird, quirky, different… what ever term you identify with. It’s OK to let you freak flag fly and be a little crazy. It’s OK just to be the authentic you. It’s OK to not let others put you in a box or tell you that you aren’t good enough.

At least that’s what I believe, and I think that’s what Mr. Rogers would share with us if he were still on the planet.

Read the full article here:

And here are the last two episodes of Jamming with Jason. Lots of good information in both episodes if you haven’t already listened. When you listen through the website you can also choose to listen to just the audio, or watch the video. You get to choose.

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