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We’ve talked about “work / life balance” for quite a while, but most people still struggle. Can you relate?

It’s actually impossible to “balance” the two, since that word usually means equal or 50/50ish (btw that’s a technical term I just made up :).

But seriously, it’s about integrating the two.

The old fallacy that we should separate work from our personal life just doesn’t work in practice. While we’ve know this for quite a while, this last year has made that very clear.

… And people inability to integrate them has lead to the highest levels of stress in the United States in recent history, something that if we don’t start addressing will lead to a huge mental health crisis.

As a leader, and for you personally, we need to understand how better to integrate the two and allow those who work with us to do the same.

I recently spoke with Dawn Vogel, a successful leader, mom, and wife who shared with me her lessons learned and how she is successfully integrating the two.

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