VIP It’s Time to Get Down Tonight and Get Out of Your Head

If you’re like most people you sometimes have feelings of self doubt or get stuck in over thinking. You know, your brain keeps spinning and you just can’t quit thinking about something usually you are afraid of or have anxiety about.

I understand. We’ve all been there.

Both self doubt and over thinking happens when we get “stuck” in our heads…

It’s not a fun place to stay…

And there is a quick and simple way to get out of our heads: feeling with our heart and moving with our body.

That’s why I had my friend Jen Stillion on the podcast talking about how to “Get out of Self Doubt and Over Thinking with Movement.”

Jen is here to talk with me about helpful ways that we can get out of our own heads and stop sweating the small stuff.

Whether you’re looking to become a better leader, spouse, executive or whatever, dance is a great way to enjoy yourself and be your own authentic person while removing your own fears and blockages that have been holding you back in life.

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If this episode resonated with you, feel free to connect with Jen on Instagram @jenstillion

You may also want to go back and listen to the episode I did with Joseph L Young on the power of music that you can find at:

So your takeaway this week: when you feel stuck in your head, do a little dance to get out of your head.

A perfect song to help you do just that and get you dancing is “Get Down Tonight” by KC and The Sunshine Band: and you can even do it without your boogie shoes and bell bottom pants.

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