VIP It’s Time You Turn the Page

Most people live a lot of their life in the past. Maybe yesterday didn’t go the way they expected. Maybe they did some things they regret. Have you ever felt that way?

If you are living in the past, maybe it’s time for you to turn the page.

Each year and each day is a great opportunity for us to “turn the page” and since it’s also the title of a song from Bob Seger that has been going over in my head the last few month, I took the opportunity to pull out the guitar on one of my recent Jamming with Jason episodes.

As I’ve listened to an pondered this song, there is something in it and we discuss: gratitude for those who perform and entertain us, not giving up when you are three feet from gold, whether the Metallica or Bob Seger version is better, doing the work each day whether anyone is watching or giving you credit to create what you want in life.

Each new day we get to leave the past behind, create something new, and write the story we want for the rest of our lives. Isn’t it great that we get to turn a page on each new day?

E246 Turn the Page

Since I had almost 3,000 people read my LinkedIn article in the last two weeks, I thought it best to record a whole episode on the subject, since it resonated with so many people, as I’m sure it did you:

E247 I Like You Just the Way You Are

Those are words I’ve heard many times from Mr. Rogers and is the inspiration for this podcast episode. It’s OK to be who you are, in fact as Oscar Wilde would say” be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

And really if some people are going to judge and not like you regardless of what you do, you might as well BE who you really are authentically, and do what you want to do. That way you avoid so much of the guilt and shame most people experience by pretending to be someone they aren’t. That’s a broken strategy that will leave you to wake up later in life full of regret, having lived a life of shoulda-woulda-couldas, being a fake, instead of living an authentic life of no regrets.

If you are afraid nobody will like you if you are the true-blue-you, know that I will still like you for being exactly who you really are, and I know a lot of other people that will too 🙂

And if you’d like to read, and listen to the video for the Being Uniquely YOU article that dropped yesterday, you can find it on my website here:

It’s Such a Good Feeling to Know You’re Alive

Until next week,