For any real estate aficionados, this episode is for you!

Today we have Ally Edwards on the show to discuss her career change to real estate agent and how to find a good realtor.

It is known that most people don’t use the same real estate agent on consecutive home purchases/sales. A lot of that is entirely due to people not fostering good relationships.

Whether you are a realtor, or any other business professional, fostering relationships with your clients are incredibly important and can lead to repeat service!

So let’s get past the transactional nature of work, and get to know one another!

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Jason Mefford: hey everybody, welcome to another episode of the fire and earth podcast i’m your co host Jason medford.

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Kathy Gruver: And I am Kathy gruver and we are very excited to have another guest back we’ve got a very dear friend of mine who’s going to teach us a lot about houses and condos and maybe apartments and, like all that kind of real estate he sort of stuff i’m really excited to use allie edwards.

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Ally Edwards: Thanks for being on the show thanks for having me you’re welcome so tell everybody like what your background is how you got into real estate.

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Kathy Gruver: Because it’s a good story.

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Kathy Gruver: it’s not definitely not a straight story of how you got to real estate.

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Ally Edwards: No definitely not i’ll try and make it brief but started out as a physical i’m going to say physical occupational therapist because most people don’t know what that is.

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Ally Edwards: And I started in therapy, so I immediately focused into one genre of therapy, which was the best thing I ever did and did that for 25 years and worked in hospitals and corporations and started my own can therapy clinics around New York and.

00:01:10.290 –> 00:01:17.010
Ally Edwards: California that’s how I got here to California so i’m originally in new yorker and then I.

00:01:17.730 –> 00:01:37.680
Ally Edwards: decided after 25 years I got into investing like in in probably about five years ago, and so i’m like I think I really like real estate and I really don’t want to do, medical anymore, and so I decided to get my license after five years of learning how to invest in real estate.

00:01:38.910 –> 00:01:46.890
Ally Edwards: Because it wasn’t really I wasn’t really, I guess, I felt like I wasn’t getting taken seriously, so I was like I need maybe I need a license.

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Ally Edwards: So and that’s what I did I got my license in 2019 and but i’ve always loved houses always loved architecture of houses.

00:01:57.630 –> 00:02:06.870
Ally Edwards: Big houses, you know and running through houses, you know all that stuff even when I was a kid and, and so I quit my job.

00:02:07.350 –> 00:02:19.050
Ally Edwards: Just I waited a year, but I just decided quit the job, and because the only way to really get into, I think, to really get into it is to go headfirst.

00:02:19.980 –> 00:02:38.190
Ally Edwards: took me a while kapinos and you know i’m I haven’t looked back since then super excited and it’s not like i’m making millions of dollars at all i’m just happy to be in a field that I love, which is real estate so that’s how I got here.

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Jason Mefford: I think just from your you know because, again we always talk about what we talked about, and then we talk about what we’re not talking about too so.

00:02:47.760 –> 00:03:01.650
Jason Mefford: it’s what you just described there right it’s something that so many people go through right we we start off we get into a career we’re doing something and then all of a sudden, we realize it’s not really what I love doing anymore.

00:03:02.610 –> 00:03:23.160
Jason Mefford: And, and so you decide to make a change, you know and again it’s okay to make a change right, even though you’d been doing the ot PT therapy for 25 years we’re allowed to make a change right, and you know, also with that right you can’t be half pregnant.

00:03:24.480 –> 00:03:26.490
Jason Mefford: sort of deal right and so.

00:03:30.360 –> 00:03:34.620
Jason Mefford: That would be a little awkward right, what do you get the morning sickness, but not the weight gain or what’s.

00:03:36.210 –> 00:03:36.870
Kathy Gruver: That college.

00:03:40.020 –> 00:03:40.650
Ally Edwards: yeah.

00:03:41.610 –> 00:03:43.380
Jason Mefford: It says that at some point we have to have the.

00:03:43.380 –> 00:04:01.170
Jason Mefford: Courage I guess right to actually like you said just quit your job start the other and and a lot of people don’t have the courage to do that, so what what gave you the courage to finally cut ties and move forward with where you felt like your life needed to go.

00:04:02.160 –> 00:04:14.700
Ally Edwards: It well interestingly, you know, like, I was saying, I didn’t think people were taking me seriously right with with investing versus maybe having a real estate license it was the same and once I got into real estate, it was like.

00:04:15.180 –> 00:04:33.210
Ally Edwards: Okay, so we have this new person I work at Berkshire hathaway home services California properties here in Santa Barbara and you know it was like well who is she she’s she’s at our other job I mean, how can you really how can you be taken seriously by nope it’s.

00:04:33.210 –> 00:04:34.620
Ally Edwards: No one’s fault it’s just.

00:04:34.890 –> 00:04:53.460
Ally Edwards: it’s just the nature of the beast so i’m like oh how funny i’m in this situation again and in a different way and so of course with kathy’s help you know just sort of putting me in the in the tracks right because it’s easy to go off into another track.

00:04:55.110 –> 00:05:10.500
Ally Edwards: I was able to you know, come up with different scenarios as to you know what would happen if you know you quit your job, and what would happen if you know you didn’t make money for the next year, how do you, you know.

00:05:11.280 –> 00:05:26.010
Ally Edwards: hold on from that, or what, how do you have a net as well, like because people want a net and there’s never really a full net but there’s enough net that you could sort of jump and it’ll eventually kind of just show up.

00:05:26.040 –> 00:05:35.730
Ally Edwards: A little and that’s what i’m realizing is and it’s because I quit the job and went headfirst that the net appeared it’s kind of a weird thing.

00:05:36.840 –> 00:05:38.040
Ally Edwards: But it’s hard to see that.

00:05:39.090 –> 00:05:39.990
Ally Edwards: And I took.

00:05:40.140 –> 00:05:57.420
Ally Edwards: risks, but I took calculated risks, you know I saved a ton of money and I sold some investment properties, to make up for the salary that I would be missing and and I felt good about it and I haven’t looked back since, to be honest, so.

00:05:57.750 –> 00:06:05.940
Jason Mefford: When you use the word happy right you’re happy now yeah right so you’re you’re doing you’ve you found what it is that you’re supposed to do, which.

00:06:06.450 –> 00:06:10.710
Jason Mefford: We can do all kinds of stuff we minded, why not just do something that actually makes us happy.

00:06:11.490 –> 00:06:28.290
Jason Mefford: Even, even if it doesn’t make us as much money as we could make from other things right, because I think that’s that’s a mistake that so many people make we just chased the money and do a job that we hate we hate our life we hate ourselves, we hate people around us, but we’re making money.

00:06:28.530 –> 00:06:28.830

00:06:30.450 –> 00:06:30.780
Jason Mefford: You know.

00:06:31.590 –> 00:06:32.880
Ally Edwards: go the other way check.

00:06:33.690 –> 00:06:34.320
Kathy Gruver: yeah exactly.

00:06:34.770 –> 00:06:36.450
Kathy Gruver: Well, and to that point Jason you know.

00:06:36.930 –> 00:06:45.690
Kathy Gruver: We can pick that path that makes us happy and then, when it stops making us happy when you don’t want to do that career, because you started as a hand therapist that you like to doing you’ve loved that job.

00:06:45.990 –> 00:06:51.060
Kathy Gruver: Until you didn’t and then it’s like okay now let’s change, you can pivot on that, as so many of us have.

00:06:51.300 –> 00:06:58.920
Kathy Gruver: And I think that is so scary and I have so many coaching clients that are in that situation, they want to go start their own business or they want to quit the job or they want to leave the relationship where they went.

00:06:59.220 –> 00:07:09.120
Kathy Gruver: Whatever it is they want to make a change, and they just don’t know how because it’s the fear can be so paralyzing because you don’t see that match you don’t see that net until you’re coming towards it, you go oh.

00:07:09.420 –> 00:07:14.370
Kathy Gruver: All those open spaces that’s actually the pieces of unethical, I can just battled around in okay perfect yeah.

00:07:14.670 –> 00:07:26.460
Kathy Gruver: So yeah no, it was it and it says exactly what I was focusing on to what you told that story was how’d you pivot yeah so good good good so let’s go back to what were our Turkey talking about unless we want to keep going down that that path, but.

00:07:26.670 –> 00:07:27.870
Kathy Gruver: So real estate.

00:07:28.380 –> 00:07:32.760
Kathy Gruver: I remember, I remember buying my first property, it was terrifying.

00:07:33.180 –> 00:07:35.820
Kathy Gruver: Because they hand you the stack of papers, like a.

00:07:35.820 –> 00:07:45.000
Kathy Gruver: tome of stuff with words you don’t understand, and you know, thank God, we trust our real estate agent, I mean that was really it and the astro person.

00:07:45.300 –> 00:07:54.330
Kathy Gruver: They saved us they held our hand and walk us through that and we stumbled upon a real estate agent, we did it was literally the first guy that answered the phone that’s who we ended up going with.

00:07:55.050 –> 00:08:02.970
Kathy Gruver: we’re a little smarter now all of us So how do you find a good real estate agent like what does one look for how do you get found and connect those clients.

00:08:03.630 –> 00:08:16.440
Ally Edwards: Well it’s funny, you said that because, according to national association of realtors I believe it’s 70s there’s a very high percentage like 77 79% of people actually do go to the first realtor.

00:08:16.860 –> 00:08:23.910
Ally Edwards: realtor that they see yeah well yeah and it’s not bad it, you know I don’t think it’s bad I think it’s.

00:08:25.560 –> 00:08:41.400
Ally Edwards: I think some people just know when they have an honest person and and and that also according to national association of realtors is is the most important is that they are honest and trustworthy and.

00:08:41.760 –> 00:08:44.250
Ally Edwards: yep integrity is that a word I don’t.

00:08:45.240 –> 00:08:46.380
Jason Mefford: I just made it I know.

00:08:48.180 –> 00:08:50.910
Ally Edwards: kelly’s book of words there’s several in there.

00:08:51.930 –> 00:08:52.350
Ally Edwards: and

00:08:53.400 –> 00:08:59.670
Ally Edwards: So it’s a very high percentage of people, and then you know, then I think it’s a little lower like.

00:09:00.000 –> 00:09:10.830
Ally Edwards: I don’t know 20% will go like with to you know they’ll check with two different realtors and then down the road and dollar but it’s rare that they get past two or three it’s usually.

00:09:11.160 –> 00:09:20.010
Ally Edwards: One or two, and then they they figured out or sometimes it’s it’s one and then they’re like yeah no and then they’ll find someone else.

00:09:21.150 –> 00:09:29.160
Ally Edwards: And it, it really is geared towards I think two things is honesty and communication.

00:09:30.810 –> 00:09:33.960
Ally Edwards: that’s all you really need to do as a realtor to.

00:09:34.320 –> 00:09:34.710
Kathy Gruver: Your.

00:09:34.920 –> 00:09:44.610
Ally Edwards: You know potential seller or buyer, in my opinion, is you know contact them talk to them communicate with them ask a lot of questions.

00:09:45.930 –> 00:09:54.570
Ally Edwards: You know, and, of course, be honest, you know don’t think you’re going to try and swing a deal behind their back, and you know I mean I wouldn’t do that to anybody, but it you.

00:09:55.260 –> 00:10:11.490
Ally Edwards: know but there’s that happens, you know I mean, so I think that’s number one and finding a real estate agent that you that you trust and then after that you can find one at open houses.

00:10:12.360 –> 00:10:19.560
Ally Edwards: You know, and you can you can interview right So if you if you maybe you don’t have one, but you can.

00:10:20.100 –> 00:10:33.930
Ally Edwards: You know, go to the open houses in the area and you’ll see different ones holding them open hosting and then below you can ultimately sort of interview them without them, I mean we know you’re interviewing, by the way.

00:10:35.790 –> 00:10:40.350
Ally Edwards: It you know it goes both ways right so um but it’s just another way.

00:10:40.680 –> 00:10:42.000
Ally Edwards: Another way you can find a great.

00:10:42.000 –> 00:10:42.930
Ally Edwards: real estate agent.

00:10:43.260 –> 00:10:52.680
Kathy Gruver: yeah yeah cool yeah I think that in person contacts, is so important to get to see the person meet them, this is why I think what every real estate agent has their photo on their business card.

00:10:53.220 –> 00:10:58.620
Kathy Gruver: right because they want that recognition and they want that look at my happy smiling trustworthy face i’m going to get you in the House, you want kind of thing.

00:10:58.920 –> 00:11:01.230
Ally Edwards: Oh, so you this picture is up to date.

00:11:03.120 –> 00:11:03.900
Kathy Gruver: yeah I.

00:11:03.960 –> 00:11:05.190
Jason Mefford: don’t like dating profiles.

00:11:05.190 –> 00:11:07.290
Jason Mefford: To or people have like 20 year old pictures.

00:11:09.150 –> 00:11:11.130
Ally Edwards: it’s like yeah to me when I was 20.

00:11:11.580 –> 00:11:12.750
Ally Edwards: which still like to work with me.

00:11:13.080 –> 00:11:13.320

00:11:14.730 –> 00:11:15.120
Kathy Gruver: I was.

00:11:15.240 –> 00:11:24.480
Jason Mefford: You know, but but back to your point right, I mean that’s that’s one of those if if you were online dating right and you show up for your first date and the person’s picture is like from 20 years ago.

00:11:24.840 –> 00:11:35.160
Jason Mefford: right that automatically shows that hold it maybe that person is trying to hide something or maybe they’re not as honest as they, as they say they are right, and again I mean.

00:11:36.150 –> 00:11:46.050
Jason Mefford: told you, before I was actually in the business for a little bit many years ago and and there was always kind of the joke, but I think it’s a perception that is out there, too, which is.

00:11:46.500 –> 00:11:53.220
Jason Mefford: You know, like you said, most people just grab the first person that comes along they see it as a transaction it’s more than that and.

00:11:53.220 –> 00:11:53.400
Kathy Gruver: we’ll.

00:11:53.460 –> 00:11:57.030
Jason Mefford: Talk about that too, because it’s really a relationship so if you.

00:11:58.080 –> 00:12:13.110
Jason Mefford: But we’ll get there right but but but most you know, unfortunately realtors don’t have that great of an image, if you will, we used to joke that we were we were one notch above used car salesman.

00:12:14.220 –> 00:12:23.760
Jason Mefford: right which is, which is sad because I mean again we see used car salesman typically as being somebody who’s slimy who’s trying to.

00:12:24.630 –> 00:12:28.440
Jason Mefford: You know, get you to buy this lemon car that nobody else will buy right.

00:12:29.220 –> 00:12:39.030
Jason Mefford: it’s one thing when it’s a car it’s different when you’re talking about hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in a House right, and especially here in California, where we all are.

00:12:39.450 –> 00:12:44.250
Jason Mefford: it’s I don’t know what the median house prices but it’s close to a million bucks I think in the state.

00:12:44.280 –> 00:12:45.030
Ally Edwards: yeah it’s over.

00:12:45.330 –> 00:12:46.530
Jason Mefford: it’s over a million for the movie.

00:12:46.530 –> 00:12:47.310
Ally Edwards: Now what part.

00:12:47.610 –> 00:12:48.450
Ally Edwards: That you’re in yeah.

00:12:50.190 –> 00:12:52.650
Jason Mefford: yeah and so and so it’s it’s important.

00:12:52.950 –> 00:13:05.490
Jason Mefford: You know, like you said to find out does this person seem honest because it Maybe you can talk to this right, because I think the fact that almost 80% of people are just grabbing the first person they see they think it’s a transaction.

00:13:06.120 –> 00:13:20.460
Jason Mefford: They think it’s just somebody filling out papers forum but maybe talk more about the relation ship side of it because it’s not a transaction you’re gonna be at the hip with this person for how long typically.

00:13:21.510 –> 00:13:31.650
Ally Edwards: It depends, but with a you know so with buyers you could be with them for a year, you know um my my my father my mother in law but.

00:13:32.040 –> 00:13:48.090
Ally Edwards: we’re not we’re not married but she’s my mother in law, she was with her realtor for oh yeah a year and back and forth and back and forth, you know just with just so yeah you create I would think you create a relationship at that point for sure.

00:13:48.960 –> 00:14:02.340
Ally Edwards: But on a seller side, it could be, you know it could be as depends, if you knew him or reading it, but if you didn’t know already could be 30 days could be some transactions go they close in two weeks so.

00:14:03.210 –> 00:14:04.230
Jason Mefford: Those as the agent.

00:14:05.610 –> 00:14:19.320
Ally Edwards: you’re still creating you’re always creating a relationship, I think, no matter what so two weeks to 30 days to it’s very similar to my past experience as a hand therapist you know.

00:14:19.410 –> 00:14:20.430
Ally Edwards: I would see people.

00:14:20.730 –> 00:14:31.140
Ally Edwards: And I use this as my you know Kathy knows this, I was very afraid you know nervous my real estate agent I don’t you know just a lot of doubts, a lot of self doubt.

00:14:32.280 –> 00:14:46.080
Ally Edwards: But, but really when you think about it, my past as a hand therapist I created relationships with people I would I would sit with them for three months, most of the time it was a three month sort of stand to get them better.

00:14:46.440 –> 00:15:00.570
Ally Edwards: And by the usually by the end of the first visit I had rapport locked in, and it was there are, I would say that I would go as far as to say that’s somewhat of a gift i’ll be honest i’m not going.

00:15:00.570 –> 00:15:01.980
Ally Edwards: To sugarcoat it.

00:15:03.120 –> 00:15:10.530
Ally Edwards: But it was also about being comfortable in the position so now as an agent I struggle, a little bit.

00:15:11.430 –> 00:15:26.940
Ally Edwards: Not to necessarily build rapport but to ask the right questions and that’s what it’s about that’s how you build a relationship because we’d like to talk about ourselves, so you and there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s how you build it, you asked a lot of questions so.

00:15:28.050 –> 00:15:37.080
Ally Edwards: And the relationship can be as long or short as as you make it yeah I don’t know if that answered the question, maybe around about way.

00:15:37.380 –> 00:15:43.530
Jason Mefford: We gonna say cuz it’s kind of interesting in real estate, because you know, unless you’re an investor.

00:15:44.100 –> 00:15:44.880
Jason Mefford: Right, so you.

00:15:44.910 –> 00:16:01.260
Jason Mefford: kind of understand this, I mean if you if you’re an investor so you’re doing multiple transactions, then you’ll typically have you know, a long term closer relationship with a realtor but you know, for most people you only buy or sell a House every.

00:16:01.470 –> 00:16:11.280
Jason Mefford: Three 510 years right, and so a lot of times and i’ve seen this in my own life, whether I was on the buyer the sell side right.

00:16:11.970 –> 00:16:17.640
Jason Mefford: I don’t think I ever used the same realtor for more than one transaction.

00:16:18.720 –> 00:16:19.500
Ally Edwards: that’s common.

00:16:20.070 –> 00:16:25.170
Jason Mefford: Well it’d be and because you know, again, I mean part of it was yeah I moved States so that was.

00:16:25.200 –> 00:16:42.270
Jason Mefford: Part of part of the issue, but, but even in in those geographies you know and again, maybe this is a lesson for realtors right is nobody they treated me as a transaction, I never saw them or heard from them.

00:16:42.840 –> 00:16:48.000
Jason Mefford: After the transaction either and it’s like hey you know what in a couple years i’m going to be buying a different house.

00:16:48.840 –> 00:16:53.940
Jason Mefford: But nobody really treated me from a relationship it.

00:16:53.940 –> 00:16:55.500
Jason Mefford: was just a transaction.

00:16:56.700 –> 00:17:10.170
Ally Edwards: Exactly and that’s something that I have I don’t know who i’ve had these conversations with probably my mentors in the past but it’s really about maintaining that relationship after.

00:17:11.220 –> 00:17:12.780
Ally Edwards: yeah it makes total sense.

00:17:13.020 –> 00:17:13.620
Ally Edwards: yeah right.

00:17:13.920 –> 00:17:22.950
Kathy Gruver: Well, and it’s any profession, whether it’s a speaking gig you know if I don’t I immediately messaged the organizer and say thank you so much for having me I can’t wait to see the feedback.

00:17:23.280 –> 00:17:32.040
Kathy Gruver: here’s all my other talks, please let me know how I can help you out, you know it’s about fostering those relationships and I think so much of what we do, we look at is transactional.

00:17:32.280 –> 00:17:41.190
Kathy Gruver: it’s this NGOs, I talked about this, all the time, you know you, you get connected with someone on linkedin and then you get this 30 paragraph sales pitch of how they’re going to make you millions of dollars be sitting in your living room.

00:17:41.640 –> 00:17:48.000
Kathy Gruver: that’s transit that’s transactional that’s not building a relationship right, so I think that’s a lesson for for no matter what profession you’re in.

00:17:48.330 –> 00:18:03.270
Kathy Gruver: of having spin offs and having that relationship move forward yeah I mean like if I went to go sell my property in paso Robles, I have no clue that real estate agent is I spent 15 years but I don’t remember his name i’ve never heard from the guy again that you know, I have no clue.

00:18:03.390 –> 00:18:11.520
Ally Edwards: I have no idea right and the idea is to maintain via any sort of relationship.

00:18:13.260 –> 00:18:24.150
Ally Edwards: medium like you know now there’s email and text message and my thing is handwritten note cards, I mean there’s times, where i’m sitting at my desk now, and I feel like this.

00:18:25.170 –> 00:18:27.000
Ally Edwards: Like all I do is write no cards.

00:18:28.350 –> 00:18:40.170
Ally Edwards: it’s like you know and but people love mail, they still like getting wound care what anyone says, especially if it’s not a bill and and the those are the old tried and true ways of.

00:18:40.860 –> 00:19:02.400
Ally Edwards: Maintaining relationships and they work, they still work forget about videos and instagram and you know i’m sure all that works to you, but i’m sort of more of them old school method of like call and write a card or even if it’s once not like this, this month, I said i’m sending 300.

00:19:03.540 –> 00:19:10.650
Ally Edwards: letters and on the backside of the letter is a recipe from my grandmother.

00:19:11.220 –> 00:19:12.000
Ally Edwards: You know it’s.

00:19:12.030 –> 00:19:27.510
Ally Edwards: These are the little things and whether or not i’ve met these people in person or not it’s it’s just a small little piece of here’s me and i’m here for you, and if you have questions it’s not all about a transaction so.

00:19:27.540 –> 00:19:44.130
Jason Mefford: Though and as you’re talking there because again it’s I mean this is true for realtors but everybody listening, this is relationship advice in life right and and you know, again I think about how many people I know they only reach out to me when they want something.

00:19:45.480 –> 00:19:57.480
Jason Mefford: Right and, and again I mean these could be people that i’ve known for a long time, but that, but you know picking up the phone sending a text commenting on social media on something they’re doing.

00:19:58.020 –> 00:20:09.930
Jason Mefford: You know a lot of these things to where you know if you don’t have relationships with people it’s probably because you’re not doing the things to have relationships with those people right and.

00:20:10.500 –> 00:20:21.150
Jason Mefford: It takes some effort on our part to actually reach out and i’ve started trying to do this more i’ve gone back and forth on being good or bad, but you know when I think about somebody.

00:20:22.650 –> 00:20:29.220
Jason Mefford: Try to send them a message you know and even still if it’s just something like hey was thinking about you today hope, everything is fine.

00:20:30.210 –> 00:20:32.190
Jason Mefford: move on to the rest of my day.

00:20:32.370 –> 00:20:44.160
Jason Mefford: Right, but you know just like that letter showing up in the mailbox that you send it somebody goes oh that’s Nice and you turn it over and it’s like oh grandma’s apple pie, I love apple pie, I don’t know what the recipe.

00:20:45.870 –> 00:20:46.590
Ally Edwards: Is anya.

00:20:47.700 –> 00:20:48.510
Jason Mefford: Everybody loves those.

00:20:50.460 –> 00:20:51.570
Kathy Gruver: yeah.

00:20:52.500 –> 00:21:00.960
Jason Mefford: You know and and that little act, you know it’s an act of showing that you care and love for somebody else to write, I mean again i’m what.

00:21:01.470 –> 00:21:09.600
Jason Mefford: i’m thinking right you’re you’re looking at this gone wow how cool would it be for all these people to make grandma’s lasagna did just loving it right.

00:21:10.500 –> 00:21:10.860
Well, so.

00:21:12.210 –> 00:21:14.010
Kathy Gruver: It brings it brings the human element in.

00:21:14.250 –> 00:21:19.140
Kathy Gruver: It makes you a person rally if it personalized that relationship.

00:21:19.410 –> 00:21:21.030
Kathy Gruver: here’s my grandmother’s recipe.

00:21:21.330 –> 00:21:29.010
Kathy Gruver: that’s so cool that’s what friends, do you know, so it immediately moves you out of this here’s this woman that sent me a postcard again about she wants to buy my house.

00:21:29.250 –> 00:21:34.470
Kathy Gruver: into oh my God she like she went to the trouble of handwriting an envelope and sending me this letter, and you know.

00:21:34.680 –> 00:21:44.760
Kathy Gruver: it’s like that people remember stuff like that right they really do, and you know it is about fostering those relationships, regardless of what industry you’re in so right.

00:21:44.970 –> 00:21:58.050
Ally Edwards: yeah and I made a point of saying it’s you know grandma’s recipe, and if you know and, of course, right people are always like whoa you’re Italian you must have great recipes you know and i’m like yeah my grandmother did I don’t do.

00:21:59.130 –> 00:21:59.490
Ally Edwards: What.

00:22:00.720 –> 00:22:01.710
Ally Edwards: it’s called take out.

00:22:03.600 –> 00:22:05.460
Kathy Gruver: What I said was grandmother probably made that.

00:22:06.030 –> 00:22:14.070
Ally Edwards: And my grandmother probably roll it over and agree right now but I took the recipe, and I tweaked it a little and I wrote you know.

00:22:14.880 –> 00:22:20.040
Ally Edwards: hit you know grandma’s recipe, and then you know, like the marinara sauce and then in parentheses, I wrote.

00:22:20.340 –> 00:22:30.990
Ally Edwards: Go ahead use char sauce I will tell you know that kind of thing you know and no boil lasagna you because the lasagna if you boil them too much the, this is the thing.

00:22:31.320 –> 00:22:42.900
Ally Edwards: All you all you not Italians, if you boil the lasagna too much it gets wet and soggy and then you go and you layer it and then your lasagna socket so you use the know boil ones.

00:22:43.380 –> 00:22:45.270
Ally Edwards: And you just layer them dry.

00:22:45.960 –> 00:22:48.930
Ally Edwards: And then the moisture from the cheese was just.

00:22:50.100 –> 00:22:52.980
Ally Edwards: Anyway, that’s my that’s my story i’m sticking to it but.

00:22:53.850 –> 00:22:57.000
Kathy Gruver: I like it, I like it that’s a perfect place because of course we’re out of time.

00:22:58.620 –> 00:23:01.350
Jason Mefford: i’m hungry and my son was on yeah.

00:23:02.280 –> 00:23:03.690
Kathy Gruver: I didn’t get one of those letters.

00:23:03.690 –> 00:23:05.850
Ally Edwards: So oh you’ll be getting one.

00:23:05.880 –> 00:23:07.320
Ally Edwards: yeah any person, of course.

00:23:09.180 –> 00:23:22.470
Kathy Gruver: This is so great so yeah I mean it always goes it goes back to relationships, it goes back to following your passion and knowing that if you do, and you want to change your mind later it’s Okay, I mean Jason I have switched career so many times.

00:23:22.770 –> 00:23:24.060
Kathy Gruver: And we still have so much life.

00:23:24.090 –> 00:23:29.970
Kathy Gruver: Ahead of us to maybe make another change do what makes you happy take that risk we say that always go for it.

00:23:30.270 –> 00:23:38.130
Kathy Gruver: You know it’s a matter of just figuring out what you really want and following that path there’s gonna be a net there for you as a trapeze artist, I promise you they’re there for you.

00:23:40.710 –> 00:23:45.120
Ally Edwards: In college they spend that we were literally in ot school.

00:23:45.630 –> 00:23:57.510
Ally Edwards: And they’re like Oh, and this, you know statistics will say that you’ll change your career at least twice in your life, I think that was what they said two times, or three times and i’m sitting there appalled because i’m like.

00:23:58.020 –> 00:24:02.970
Ally Edwards: i’m giving you 80 grand and you’re telling me i’m going to change in my case.

00:24:06.090 –> 00:24:07.200
Ally Edwards: Apparently, that happens.

00:24:07.830 –> 00:24:19.110
Kathy Gruver: yeah well sure, and as an as a theater major I kept saying that input from the adults of well what happens when this crew doesn’t work, and I remember being so offended What do you mean i’m going to go to Hollywood it’s going to work.

00:24:19.470 –> 00:24:24.390
Kathy Gruver: Well, you should have a plan B and it’s like i’m and i’m glad I did the plan B unrolled from plan a.

00:24:24.660 –> 00:24:27.420
Kathy Gruver: But now i’ve got Plan B, C D, you know it’s just.

00:24:28.590 –> 00:24:32.220
Kathy Gruver: Things shift when just like you said Jason we end up exactly what we’re supposed to be done.

00:24:32.430 –> 00:24:32.910

00:24:34.920 –> 00:24:35.220
Kathy Gruver: cool.

00:24:35.460 –> 00:24:38.220
Jason Mefford: Great stuff, and again I mean like you said you know what we.

00:24:39.390 –> 00:24:49.650
Jason Mefford: We were planning to talk about something else, but you know what this relationship, and this whole idea of changing and having the courage to go after something that that makes you happy.

00:24:50.670 –> 00:25:03.600
Jason Mefford: Right, instead of just going after the money, I mean so many people need to hear that, because a lot of people, the reason they’re miserable is they hate their job they hate what they’re doing and that carries over into the rest of their life.

00:25:03.930 –> 00:25:14.310
Jason Mefford: Yes, right and so just you know if you want to be a teacher, if you want to be a realtor if you want to be a you know sidewalk artist just go do it.

00:25:14.400 –> 00:25:14.760
Kathy Gruver: and

00:25:14.910 –> 00:25:22.230
Jason Mefford: You know don’t don’t worry about the money figure out how to make it work but do something that you love and have the courage to change because.

00:25:23.610 –> 00:25:27.090
Jason Mefford: that’s how we make the world better around us to as we got to make it better for us.

00:25:27.240 –> 00:25:28.170
Ally Edwards: Right right.

00:25:28.440 –> 00:25:32.580
Ally Edwards: I mean it becomes insidious you know you don’t really care for what you’re doing.

00:25:33.300 –> 00:25:34.740
Kathy Gruver: And that affects everything it does.

00:25:34.980 –> 00:25:37.740
Kathy Gruver: So Alice tell people how they can reach you if they’d like to get in touch with you.

00:25:38.040 –> 00:25:43.860
Ally Edwards: So I am on instagram at allison edwards R E or.

00:25:45.570 –> 00:26:06.510
Ally Edwards: And the same for Facebook my regular Facebook is under Leonardo nar do, which is my Italian last name with my to my maiden name i’m at Berkshire hathaway home services California properties in Santa Barbara on state street and let’s see what else can I give you.

00:26:07.980 –> 00:26:27.540
Ally Edwards: My email, if you want to reach out to me right away, is Ali Al Li edwards ED w ar D s at be H H s kalsi and yeah so feel free to reach out i’m always here for questions you like stats I got stats.

00:26:28.860 –> 00:26:29.160
Jason Mefford: yeah.

00:26:29.520 –> 00:26:37.950
Ally Edwards: yeah life is not a transaction, so I just want everyone to know that I don’t treat it that way, and nor should you so yeah.

00:26:38.280 –> 00:26:42.090
Kathy Gruver: love it love it love it excellent, this has been such a fun conversation, as always, you.

00:26:42.120 –> 00:26:45.480
Kathy Gruver: never know where it’s gonna go I love you so what we’re going to talk about like oh.

00:26:45.660 –> 00:26:46.290
Ally Edwards: I don’t know.

00:26:48.000 –> 00:26:48.480
Kathy Gruver: Where we go.

00:26:49.440 –> 00:26:51.180
Jason Mefford: We never know until we go there.

00:26:51.300 –> 00:26:54.390
Kathy Gruver: We never know until it better and there might be sound effects we don’t know.

00:26:56.730 –> 00:26:59.460
Kathy Gruver: i’m Kathy Gruber, I can be reached at Kathy Griffin calm.

00:26:59.910 –> 00:27:09.330
Jason Mefford: i’m Jason method, I can be reached at Jason method calm so go out have a great week and we’ll catch you on the next episode of the fire and earth podcast see ya.