VIP Leadership is not about controlling others, it’s about relationships

You may have heard me say leadership is all relationships, right?

Well, successful leaders know it really does all boil down to relationships, and leading from the inside out.

What does that mean?

Most people think leadership is about the way you dress, the title you have, but that is an old, broken model taught by those who still cling onto the notion that leadership is really about command and control (think military, fear, punishment).

That sort of leadership doesn’t work anymore. We have to lead from the inside out and use persuasion, influence, and emotional intelligence to be successful instead of command, control, and fear.

You will get a lot of value listening to this is “tables are turned” podcast episode, where I am interviewed by Zach Olinger for his podcast The Real Zach Olinger Podcast.

We talk about relationships, what can go wrong, how to improve them and some practical tips that you’ve probably never considered when thinking about relationships both professionally and personally.

Even though we talk mainly about personal relationships, these concepts and skills are also very relevant in your leadership career.

Listen to the episode at: and make sure to share with others.

Have a great week focusing on how you can improve your relationships.

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