VIP Learning from the Inside Out with Sam Osbourne

This is another tables-are-turned Jamming with Jason podcast episode where Sam Osbourne from The School of Self Worth interviews me about Learning from the Inside Out.

You may be wondering what that actually means… well, here’s the answer.

Most people collect a lot of knowledge, but never translate it into learning.

That’s what many people call “book smarts” and it really isn’t useful. You understand the theory, but you don’t know how to apply and incorporate it into your life.

All the knowledge in the world won’t help you change, or get to where you want to in life. To really “learn” we have to internalize it, and apply it to our unique situation.

And after all, in the knowledge economy it’s what we learn that makes us valuable in our career.

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Take away this week: what can you do to actually “learn” something new this week by putting it into practice?

After all, being a curious learning is one habit you need to be successful.

If you haven’t already listened to the episode I did with Sam on “How to Beat Imposter Syndrome” check it out at:

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