VIP Repetition is really a good thing

Sometimes I feel like I say the same thing over and over again. Broken record Jason 🙂

Sometime I say too much, and other times not enough (btw there’s an upcoming episode about that).

Have you ever watched a movie, read a book, or listened to music a second, third, fourth time and think… wow I don’t remember that?

If you’re like most people, I’m sure you have.

Repetition is how you learn, and when you hear the same thing at different times it means something different. It applies in a different way to your life context since you are learning and growing every day. You aren’t the same person you were when you heard it the first time.

It’s easy to think “oh, I already heard that” or “I already know that,” but when you do you cheat yourself out of additional growth and learning. You’ve closed your mind and are not open to possibility. You’ve stopped being curious.

I was recently talking to someone who has listened to all of my podcasts multiple times. That just floored me.

But what wasn’t a surprise is I’ve seen this person rise up quickly in their career, and now I know why… they took the time to invest in themselves. Consistent repetition over a six month period gave this person the equivalent of years of additional wisdom.

It’s not about the person listening to my podcasts that made the difference, it is their commitment to their personal and professional growth by taking consistent action that made the difference.

Where do you want to go in your life and career?

Are you the kind of person that is committed to your growth and willing to put in the time and money to change your circumstances?

Where do you want to go and what are you willing to do to get there?

A few questions for you to ponder this week.

When you know where you want to go and are committed to getting there, amazing things happen!

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