VIP Shocking News from the World Economic Forum

This last week’s Jamming with Jason episode was a barn burner.

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey, has some pretty alarming information you should be aware of.

Due to the rise of automation and artificial intelligence, certain professions are at a significantly higher risk of being outsourced to computers. What that means for humans like you and me is: will we have the skills necessary to not have a computer take our job?

It’s not a surprise that the #1 job at risk is Data Entry Clerks. So much of data now is automatically entered into systems from other systems, so the need for someone manually entering information into the computers has gone down significantly. #3 Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Clerks … also not a surprise.

But, #4 Accountants and Auditors … big surprise that it’s that high on the list.

Now even if you aren’t in one of these roles, what can you learn from this as a leader?

Those who will be left standing are the humans who do things computers can’t do.

It’s the skills a computer can’t replicate that will determine your success in the future, and there are things you can do right now to prepare for the future of work… whatever it may be.

I recently talked with Greg Hutchins, a professional engineer who has been dedicated to studying the future of job markets and the evolution of work for decades. He recently wrote a book: Working It Disruption Rules: COVID Edition, and here’s a link to my interview with him on Jamming with Jason:

This is one reason why I spend so much effort bringing you learning opportunities to help distinguish you in your career.

The best leaders are those that see things coming, adapt, and realize leadership is an inside game… Intuitive Leadership, Neural Influence, and Mental Mastery skills will help get you through any challenge.

This week take the few minutes to listen to my interview with Greg and start asking yourself: what can I start doing now to prepare for the future of work as a leader?

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