VIP Why Did I Start a Podcast??

This week I share an interview I did recently with Tom Fox, the king of compliance and podcast heavyweight champion… with the Compliance Podcast Network.

This is another tables-are-turned style Jamming with Jason podcast episode where you hear Tom Fox interviews me for the FCPA Compliance Report podcast on the Compliance Podcast Network. This way you get to hear me from a different angle, and I often get a little more personal on these episodes.

Here’s what Tom had to say about the episode:

In this Episode of the FCPA Compliance Report, Tom Fox is joined by Jason Mefford, a top thought leader in internal controls. We discuss his podcast Jamming with Jason, his online academy cRisk Academy and a unified theory of risk management. Highlights include:

  • Why Jason began his podcast.
  • How professionals consume information and content in 2021.
  • Why Jason founded cRisk Academy.
  • Unified risk management and compliance.
  • What’s new in internal controls.
  • The current state of live music.

As with all my podcast episodes, a little bit of everything.

Listen in at: where you can listen to the audio, or watch the video.

And when you do, you’ll see why I do what I do and why I started not just one, but two different podcasts.

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