What If I Gave You $100?

If I handed you a crisp $100 bill, would you:

A. Take the money and run… turn around and walk away?
B. Take the money and say thank you?
C. Not take the money because you don’t feel worthy, or think I have some ulterior motive?
D. Take the money and send prayers and gratitude my way each time you thought of me?
E. Find a way to pay it forward to either me or someone else?
F. Say “Jason, you cheap bastard. I want $1,000!”
G. A combination of the above?

What would you do?

This last month I gave away over 1,000 of free courses.

My intention was to create and give away an #ethics course that wasn’t boring and help out professionals who need 2 hours of annual ethics training. Out of those who took advantage of the opportunity, I heard a thank you from about 5 people…

When I give something I don’t expect a thank you, but it made me think.

Most people are takers and don’t want to pay the price… and by pay I don’t just mean hard cold cash.

I’ve also been doing some spring cleaning and posting things online, since I’d rather not have them end up in a landfill.

Free things… 150 interests in 30 minutes. Asking less than 20% of price new… crickets.

Do you expect things for free?

Do you appreciate what and who you have in your life?

Do you at least balance, if not give more energy back out into the world than you receive?

When things and people around you go unappreciated, eventually they orbit out of your life.

And the universe always balances out the energy.

To listen to the latest Walking A Spiritual Path #podcast where Brad Miller and I discuss the concept of ayni and balancing energy in more detail, visit: https://jasonmefford.com/walkingaspiritualpath8/