When Failing isn’t an Option and Taking off Your Mask

Is there a little voice in your heart telling you it’s time to take a different path, but your head doesn’t want to follow?

Are you afraid to show who you really are because you think you have to be tough, or show up a certain way in the world?

Do you think you are the only one who is putting one foot in front of the other, but feel like you are tripping over your own feet?

Well, my friend you are not alone.

I was blessed to spend time with my friend Ashanti Branch, Founder and Director of Ever Forward on Jamming with Jason. When you listen to this episode you will see the big heart of this man who is one of my heroes that is doing some amazing things to positively change the world, and you can too!

This is an authentic discussion where we talk about living our purpose, taking off our masks so the world can see who we really are, you can’t put a price tag of changing lives for the better, emotional maturity, providing people space to be themselves, and so much more. You will relate to Ashanti’s story and the fact that you are reading this means there is something you need to hear in this podcast episode.

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I will be posting videos in this group that you won’t be able to find on my website or YouTube, so I can be more authentic and really interact with you in a psychologically safe space.

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