When I was a wee little lad

When I was a wee little lad, my mother made me take piano lessons from one of her friends, and I hated it. I thought playing the piano was for girls, so after me bitching, moaning and not practicing regularly after a few months, she let me quit.

I regret that to this day.

When I got into junior high, I started playing the trumpet. Now that was a manly instrument that some of my musical idols like Louis Armstrong and Herb Albert could make sing and I was in heaven for a couple of years.

Until I moved into high school and didn’t want to be labeled as a band nerd, so I gave that up too. I let my concern for what others thought get in the way of something I love… music.

I now regret that too.

I picked up the guitar as I was leaving high school and have played it ever since, of course I am much better on the air guitar since my fingers just don’t move in certain ways necessary to really rock out, and since I never had any formal training I’ve always been more of a rhythm guitar and strummer. Just can’t see to get down the picking and shredding very well.

I’ve alway enjoyed and appreciated most music, and that even included my mothers classical, church and show tunes music I would hear growing up. When I got my first Walkman (remember those) I had full control over what I put in my ears, and it was usually rock and roll all the way baby.

In those teenage and early adult years I often used music to escape, numb or distract myself.

For a while I stuck mainly to rock, but as I have gotten older and learned much more about how music affects our mind, body and spirit I am now listening to music I never thought I would like Solfeggio, Gregorian Chants, New Age… and have even started playing other instruments like hand pan, shamanic drums, chimes, and flutes more than my guitar.

And now I don’t care what others think of me, so I am free to just be a lover of music… all music.

But I’ve also learned a lot about how music affects us and use music as a tool instead of an escape.

What instruments do you play?

What music to you enjoy?

Do you want to learn more about about how we can use music as a tool to change our emotional and spiritual frequencies and heal?

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Emotional and Spiritual Healing with the Frequency of Music
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