I recently re-connected with a friend of mine, with whom recorded a podcast episode with that you will hear in the next month or so.

It was great to talk with her again after almost 10 years. We picked right up where we left off and have had several great discussions together, where I got caught up on her career and life.

One of her life’s mottos is “serve those who need me, not those who lead me”, which you can guess sometimes ruffled the feathers of the stiff and serious executives she worked with. She speaks her mind. See why I like her?

What really pissed me off… some of the insensitive and bone-headed ways she was treated by some of her peers and executives.

They sent her to a very well known executive coach for several days “training” on how to act more like an executive. She was told not to use words like: fabulous or fantastic, smile less, she should be more serious, use different body language, dress differently, etc…

Three days of getting emotionally beaten up and being told who she is, wasn’t good enough.

She was also led to believe that by doing those things (and acting more like the kind of executive they wanted) she would qualify for a promotion when her boss left, only to find out the day before her new boss joined the organization, that she was passed over for the promotion.

Yep, they told her to change, she did, and then they pulled the rug right out from under her and closed the glass ceiling.

It was common practice, and still is unfortunately in some places, when a person acted differently than “normal” people they were considered “crazy” sent off to an asylum and given electric shock therapy or a lobotomy. The thought was if we can’t control them, let’s use electricity to subdue them or cut our a part of their brain, and then we can control them.

Unfortunately, organizations are still giving many of their employees the equivalent of a lobotomy by trying to make everyone the same, easy to control. A lot of corporate leadership training is really like sending people to the asylum, and…

That shit has to stop.

Are you tired of being told you are not enough, or have to change who you are to be a “real” leader in your organization?

In fact, think about the great leaders history that you respect. Did all of them conform and act like everyone else?

You don’t need to have a corporate lobotomy and act like a robot or clone to be successful.

And now, you can finally learn how to have executive presence without conforming in this new course:

Executive Presence for Professionals™

I put it together to help you, and all the people who feel like my friend.

Revolutionary professional who want to smash the glass ceiling without conforming.