The CAE 2020 Survey is now open.

It really does take a village to elevate internal audit, and you participating in the survey is one way.

If you are a Chief Audit Executive, please take the 5 minute survey at:

In this video, I discuss why I do this annual survey, and how your participation is so vital.

Content that I create for the rest of this year will be based on this information, and will go into a report I will share with members of the CAE Briefing.

To sign up for the weekly CAE Briefing, visit:


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Jason Mefford: Hey everybody it’s Jason Mefford. I wanted to let you know that the chief audit executive survey for 2020 is now open.

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Jason Mefford: Now some of you may be asking, why are you doing a survey. So let me just explain. You know, I work a lot with Chief audit executives.

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Jason Mefford: That’s my main area of focus in helping to coach and run the CAE Forum and other groups of Chief audit executives.

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Jason Mefford: Now I know about this time of year, there’s a lot of information that comes out the different people doing surveys on the top risks for this year the the top things that are on, you know, executives minds.

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Jason Mefford: But when I look at most of those. I have a hard time actually believing, some of the information

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Jason Mefford: And the reason for that is, they’re usually done by professional service firms that are really trying to sell you something. And so let me, let me give you an example. I just, I just got an email right now from one of these firms that is kind of listing and saying, you know, audit plan.

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Jason Mefford: What are you worried about. And let me just read off a couple of the things that are on here.

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Jason Mefford: I am and pm red team assessments penetration testing. Okay, now I’ve been a chief executive, a couple of times.

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Jason Mefford: And I have a very hard time believing that any chief audit executive actually said, Ooh, one of the big things that we need to do this next year is red team assessments.

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Jason Mefford: Why do I know that because most of the chief executives probably don’t even know what a red team assessment is. But what I can guarantee you.

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Jason Mefford: This professional service firm that sent out the email. I bet that’s one of the one of the services that they provide.

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Jason Mefford: Surprise. Right. So why am I doing a survey, because here’s the real reason I do want to know what the opportunities and challenges are for chief executives or what they see in the year 2020

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Jason Mefford: And here’s why. Because I want to be able to present that back to Chief Executives without the spin that goes along from professional service organizations or professional

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Jason Mefford: Affiliate affiliated organizations. I want to actually tell you what’s really on the mind of Chief audit executives now also I create a lot of content during the year.

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Jason Mefford: I do lots of videos blog posts. I have a jamming with Jason podcast where I’m actually talking about and creating lots of free content for people throughout the year.

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Jason Mefford: So your participation in this survey. If you are a chief audit executive please participate in this survey, because it will help me to know which content areas to provide content to you. This next year.

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Jason Mefford: So do me a favor. It only takes about five minutes because there’s only like three or four questions on it very quick does not take very much of your time.

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Jason Mefford: It will help me. But more importantly, it’s actually going to help you because now I will know which content to help and develop for you and provide to you and all of these different mediums. This next year. So again, the chief audit executive survey is now open for

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Jason Mefford: It’ll only be open for a few weeks. So please click on the link below. Take the five minutes to provide me your feedback and I promise I’ll get it back to you.

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Jason Mefford: Throughout this year in ways that will help you to be able to elevate internal audit in your organization and really move to that trusted advisor status in your organization. Thanks.

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