The Chief Audit Executive (CAE) Briefing is now a FREE course for all CAEs. If you are the CAE in your organization, or you report to a CAE in a large organization, you may register for this course at:

If you are NOT a CAE, this course is not for you.

This week I want to ask you a few questions:

  1. Are you happy with how internal audit is perceived in your organization?
  2. Do you like fighting for budget and resources, needing to prove your value each year?
  3. Do you like not being recognized as equal to other functions?
  4. Do you want to keep doing things all alone, by yourself?

If you are like most CAEs, you answered NO to at least one of those questions.

In this week’s video I discuss how you can take action and solve these by joining like-minded CAEs in the CAE Forum.


Imagine if in as little as 3 weeks you had a plan and clarity on what you can change.

If in as little as 3 months you were invited to the table with the other executives.

If in as little as 3 years, internal audit was seen as an equal, and you had the trust and respect of the other C-level executives.

How grateful will you be that you had the courage to apply for membership and take your career to the next level in the CAE Forum.

This is the LAST WEEK we are accepting new member applications for the CAE Forum.

If you are serious about elevating the status of internal audit in your organization, developing your executive presence, and learning best practices and thought leadership from like-minded CAEs, the CAE Forum is for you.

Submit your application at:

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