What’s the best business lesson our guest learned from watching the Simpsons? You’ll have to listen to find out.

We are joined by Jason Linett to discuss ways to improve your business including: how to be congruent in your messaging, positioning yourself at the end of the funnel, micro niching for riches, and even get into some tips on time managment.

Jason Linett is a featured TEDx speaker. He was honored as the “Hypnotist of the Year.” He is invited to travel the world sharing the methods that have not only made him successful but also have been duplicated by others to create their own financial freedom.

In addition to coaching private clients, Jason’s programs have been downloaded more than a million times worldwide. You can learn more about him at: http://worksmartbusiness.com/ where you can also order his book: Work Smart Business.

Jason is graciously offering listeners of the Fire and Earth Podcast a free 15-minute self-hypnosis session when you visit: http://worksmartbusiness.com/confidence


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