In this #jammingwithjason #internalauditpodcast I’m talking about relevance and relationships with the one and only Hal Garyn. If you don’t already know Hal, you should.

For many years #internalaudit has been losing its relevance in some organizations, and if you were having trouble with your relevance before, after what we’ve experienced in early 2020, your job just got harder. But fear not, in this episode we discuss what you can do to become more relevant.

Since 80% of challenges stem from relationship issues, it’s also fitting that we discuss relationships. If you want a seat at the table you have to earn it, and keep it. The way you do that is by showing your relevance and developing relationships.

As I mention at the end of the episode, if you are a Chief Audit Executive and struggling with either of these, please reach out to me. Send me an email or message me through LinkedIn.

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