What’s the difference between a third-world country dictator and a traditional leader in the corporate world?

ANSWER: Not much. Ba, dum, dum.

Bad joke, but serious message.

Dictators use fear and violence to get people to do what they want. Most corporate leaders are taught to use fear and punishment, and have a command and control, dictator-like style.


Because that’s what they’ve been taught you have to do to be successful.

And I get it. That’s what I was taught too.

Is it possible to be a nice person and still be an effective leader? Of course it is, and it’s a lot less stressful and much more productive too.

What’s the difference between a traditional leader and one who is intuitive and authentic?

Their power source. One is internal, the other is external. Can you guess which is which? (hint… it’s why dictators wear military uniforms).

Whether you realize it or not, true leadership comes from the inside out.

But can you be effective and still be nice and kind to those around you?

Absolutely, the world is full of examples of leaders who place love, care, and concern on how they treat people above checking the box. I’m sure a few people came to your mind as you read this.

In fact, research demonstrates that even when leaders think they are controlling their team they are lucky to get 20 hours of actually work in a 40 hour work week… even when they are cracking the metaphorical whip. That’s pathetic and wrong. Nobody deserves to be whipped, physically or emotionally.

You attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Same is true for your team.

It’s time to leave the old broken model of corporate command and control, dictator leadership behind and start adopting better leadership styles that promote a better work culture, is more authentic, loving, and honestly much more productive and profitable, without all the stress and frustration (for you and your team).

If you are trying to control, manipulate, and use fear and punishment to get people to do what you want, you really aren’t much different than a petty dictator that uses military force or violence to get your way.

And I totally understand. In the corporate world you are trained to be tough and believe things like “it’s not personal, it’s just business” but every time you act that way you feel horrible inside. Chance are you might hate your job or hate yourself for doing and saying some of the things you are taught or told you “have to do.” I know I have.

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The doing is only as good as the BEing doing the doing. Think about that.

That’s exactly why some leaders are so confident and effective, while others who do the same exact things struggle. Who you are BEing comes from who you are inside (your internal power), which translates into how you do.

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