I was talking with someone this last week who applied for a job in internal audit, but didn’t get the job because she couldn’t prove she had agile auditing skills.

I’ve been tell you for a while that agile auditing skills are in high demand.

Even though she told the organization she was familiar and knew how to do agile auditing, it wasn’t enough to get her the job.

People don’t care what you say, they want to see action and proof. Certifications are proof.

That’s why she just signed up for the Certified Agile Auditor Professional (cAAP) certification course. She isn’t about to let that happen again.

Are you going to let that happen to you?

cRisk Academy has several modern certification courses you can earn it 1-2 weeks instead of 2-5 years, including:

Why put your career on hold while you struggle to get a traditional certification? It could cost you $100K++ in lower salary over your career to do that.

Having a certification on your resume and LinkedIn profile is proof to future employers that you’ve got what it takes.

And, getting that next job usually means A LOT more money, so this is an investment in YOUR future earnings.

So which certification is right for you?

And as a musical reminder that your words don’t prove anything, listen to Berlin’s “No More Words”

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