NFL Coaches are like Audit Leaders

What do Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Lou Holtz and Bobby Petrino have in common? 

They were all very successful college football coaches that were fired their first year in the National Football League (NFL).

Making it to the next level means you need new tools and skills to win, and unfortunately you don’t always get those before you are promoted.

That’s what happened to all of them. They went from college football to the NFL and didn’t have the tools and skills to make it at the higher level, and got fired.

There are different rules, formations, and player skill level in professional football. That’s why even star players who are drafted in the first round sometimes can’t make it in the NFL.

The same is true for you as a leader.

Are you an internal audit leader who isn’t winning as much as you’d likeor feel like you are maybe a little in over your head?

How much easier would your job be if you had the psychological tools to succeed?

How much pain and stress would you avoid when you have strong relationships and the skills to make difficult conversations easy?

How would it feel to have a coach and mentor on speed dial you could talk to confidentially when you need it?

And even if you are a seasoned Chief Audit Executive (CAE), whether you realize it or not, the rules have changed. To succeed in the future you need to understand how the game has changed, and have the skills and tools to win as the game is changing.

“There isn’t anyone else in my organization I can turn to when I need help. If I did my peers will think I’m weak and don’t know what I’m talking about. I can’t even talk to my friends and family because they don’t understand what I’m going through. The stress and pressure can be a lot to take sometimes. I’m so glad I found like minded peers in this group. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.” Forum Member

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