This week I did something that scared the hell out of me… and I didn’t die.

This week I did something that scared the hell out of me… and I didn’t die.

Maybe it’s too many mob movies, but I have always been terrified of having a barber give me a shave with a straight edge razor.

It’s very vulnerable to allow someone else to have a razor sharp knife sliding it along your neck.

One slip, and well you know how that can end… Sweeney Todd style.

I’ve been growing a little beard and have been struggling to get it just the way I want it and finally admitted I needed a little help, so I took the advise of my sweet wife and scheduled a time at Guys and Dolls Salon with Nick Perry.

It was amazing.

Not only did Nick show me how to better care for my facial hair, he gave me a little trim, straighten out my annoying curls, and manly pampering of the full shave treatment.

And of course, he made the perfect joke just before starting of having done this once before, and he had a bandaid.

My kind of guy.

Did I really have anything to be scared of? Absolutely not.

I found a professional that I know, like and trust. He was trained to do this, has done it many times before, and I was sure I was safe with him.

After all, lots of men get a barber shave everyday and don’t have their throats slit, right?

When I got out of my comfort zone and faced my fear, I learned something and am now stronger for having done something that scared me.

We either push through fear, or we sit on the sidelines, waiting, waiting, waiting… afraid while life passes us by.

And when you push through, you release the fear and can move on with your life.

I did, and I’ll be back to see Nick many more times.

And having the right mindset practices and conditioning really helped too. I didn’t even freak out or feel any anxiety.

That’s why I practice each day and share how you can do it too 🙂

I feel an episode about this coming soon. Stay tuned.

What can you do this week to push through one of your fears?

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