VIP KISS is Always the Best Choice

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You’ve probably heard the phrase: “keep it simple stupid,” or by its easy to remember acronym KISS.

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on how to make things simpler.

Last week I shared about how my websites had a malicious code attack and the extra work I and my team needed to put in to get the lights back on. Lucking most of that is done now, but it made me stop, reflect, and come to some new realizations.

Over time things become complicated and when they do, they usually also become confusing. Sometimes it’s best to burn it all down and start with a blank sheet of paper. That’s what happened with my websites.

I’ve spent years writing, posting, producing podcasts and videos, training, and coaching people, and I’ve pulled it all together on my new and improved website as a one-stop-shop resource for Y-O-U.

So take a look around my newly renovated home…page and neighborhood (the virtual one that is). Feel free to open doors and cupboards, look around and get to know me better, and you can even call out my name by clicking on the button “Schedule time with me” you will see, or send me an email using the Contact Form. Read the posts, watch the videos, and listen to the podcasts, where you could literally be entertained for months of time… as I was floored by how much content was there already.

You can still access all of the Jamming with Jason podcasts and detailed show notes at:

and I’ve added a new VIP Lounge at: where I will share links to opportunities and resources I know you’ll enjoy.

You’ll also notice the new webpage is simple. 

It’s that way on purpose… in fact you will come to learn there is a reason and intention for most everything I do (as crazy as I may sometimes sound). 

Complex usually causes confusion and frustration, and who needs that. Simple and practical is always the best choice.

So this week consider…

Where have things become a little complex or confusing in your life?

What can you do to make life simpler in 2022?

It’s a great exercise to do so you start 2022 on the right foot.