We are joined by Terrie Huberman, Intuitive Coach and Healer for this #fireandearthpodcast episode. She uses her intuitive gifts to help her clients get clarity to unblock themselves and move forward, getting guidance with authenticity, compassion, and a side of humor.

We discuss how to create a goal and follow your intuition to get there. We don’t have to know the “how” but need to take the little actions we get through inspiration. Getting out of your head and going with your feelings. Want to improve your ability to receive the inspiration … we discuss that too.

Terrie comes from a family of intuitive women, and learned she was a medium when she started to investigate paranormal claims in various locations.

Having taken many courses and certifications requiring vigorous study and validation in Psychic, Mediumship, IET®, guided meditations, Reiki, Jewish Energy Healing, and Akashic Records. She’s been publicly tested and validated as authentic and ethical and does it all with a side of compassion and kindness. Terrie specializes in a trauma informed approach which allows her clients to access their own intuition and get them into making empowering, clear decisions for themselves.

In addition, she’s also had the honor of being one of the first people to get a certificate of clearance to work with law enforcement as a citizen informant that can help with any leads on cases using her skillset.

She also has a background in improv comedy so her approach to sessions will always include using humor; laughter is healing. She’s always open to growth and improvement so she continues to take courses in various metaphysical, energy, and healing modalities. What she knows is that it’s very important that her clients leave a session feeling better than when they came in.

Learn more at: https://www.terriehuberman.com/


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Jason Mefford: Welcome to another episode of the fire North podcast, I’m your co host Jason Medford

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Kathy Gruver: And I’m Kathy gruver and we are so excited to have another amazing guest on Terry Huberman, who I have known for quite a long time now. She is an amazing intuitive and she’s going to talk today about intuitive coaching.

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Kathy Gruver: Which we thought, given that we’re probably just about coming out of this whole coven shelter in place your business is not business and right now. We thought it’d be great to have her on. So welcome, Terry. Thank you so much for joining us.

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Terrie Huberman: Thank you for having me, guys. It’s a pleasure to be here.

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Kathy Gruver: Good, good. So hey, why don’t you tell us a little bit about how you got into what you do and what you do and then we’ll start peppering you with questions because I know Jason is

00:00:37.320 –> 00:00:39.060
Jason Mefford: Looking forward to being a good lots of questions.

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Terrie Huberman: It’s always a strange way to answer the question, How do I, how did I get into what I do because being intuitive was just something that just happened that was born into the whole intuition thing.

00:00:53.430 –> 00:01:14.370
Terrie Huberman: It runs on my mom’s side of the family. So my mom, my two sisters and my nephew are also highly gifted with sensitivities to energies and you know psychic tune minutes all the stuff. So it’s, I didn’t really get into this, I was born into this. Yeah.

00:01:14.820 –> 00:01:15.690
Kathy Gruver: Cool. That’s awesome.

00:01:15.930 –> 00:01:20.220
Kathy Gruver: So I found you at the magic castle. I didn’t find you. But I mean, you

00:01:20.940 –> 00:01:22.050
Terrie Huberman: Know, just found me.

00:01:23.760 –> 00:01:24.810
Kathy Gruver: At the magic castle.

00:01:24.900 –> 00:01:26.610
Kathy Gruver: For new years you were

00:01:27.030 –> 00:01:35.280
Kathy Gruver: Phenomenal tarot card reader and me and a girlfriend and you read us that we were both sitting together. So we were kind of the

00:01:36.510 –> 00:01:37.530
Kathy Gruver: BS.

00:01:39.840 –> 00:01:48.660
Kathy Gruver: I for the other one, like I knew what you were saying was right, and she knew what you were saying was right to me because as I love reading tarot cards. I love all this stuff. But I have a very sensitive BS meter.

00:01:48.870 –> 00:01:59.550
Kathy Gruver: So I kind of have to test people out before I bought actually of course and your card readings were so ridiculously accurate for both of us. We walked away going. She was up.

00:02:01.200 –> 00:02:01.890
Terrie Huberman: Thank you.

00:02:01.950 –> 00:02:04.770
Kathy Gruver: And then you did a couple of compatibility readings for me and a couple

00:02:04.980 –> 00:02:10.740
Kathy Gruver: Other just like mini readings. I’ve not worked with you as an intuitive business coach. So how does that fit in. And what do you do with that.

00:02:11.370 –> 00:02:20.880
Terrie Huberman: Well, I mean, it’s all energy. That’s all. Everything is. I mean, the tarot cards that I use any type of psychiatry, where I hold objects. Those are just tools.

00:02:21.540 –> 00:02:30.630
Terrie Huberman: So I don’t actually need those because I’m able to tap into your electromagnetic field. So every human being is an electrical

00:02:31.110 –> 00:02:41.190
Terrie Huberman: Not socket, I would say, but we’re like batteries that are walking around. So we emit energy. And so all energy is our light waves.

00:02:41.670 –> 00:02:58.320
Terrie Huberman: Right and on each wave is just data and information that’s it information from your past your present and potentials and possibilities for your future. But of course that’s always based on your current reality and the choices that you make.

00:02:58.860 –> 00:03:14.340
Terrie Huberman: So all I’m able to do is sort of law, the conscious part of myself and tap into your energetic frequencies and just take the data off of those waves and just go, okay.

00:03:16.590 –> 00:03:17.580
Terrie Huberman: I mean, that’s

00:03:18.360 –> 00:03:22.920
Terrie Huberman: In a nutshell, I don’t know how that is, but it’s a nutshell. Oh, it’s great.

00:03:23.010 –> 00:03:26.970
Jason Mefford: It’s great sounds so easy for somebody who’s born into it and the rest of us are like how

00:03:26.970 –> 00:03:27.780
Jason Mefford: Do we do this.

00:03:28.260 –> 00:03:45.270
Terrie Huberman: That’s that’s very that’s very fair. But everybody is born with that talent ability and skill you just got to develop a even I had to develop it myself. So it’s a muscle, the more you use it, the better you’re going to get at it, the stronger, you’ll get. That’s all.

00:03:45.990 –> 00:03:53.580
Jason Mefford: Well, it’s interesting because you you brought up you know about about, kind of, you know, blocking your consciousness out so you can kind of see the energy

00:03:54.240 –> 00:04:04.830
Jason Mefford: And I was actually listening to somebody. This last week, or whatever. And he he mentioned even about like visual about when he goes into more of a soft gaze.

00:04:05.310 –> 00:04:12.600
Jason Mefford: He’s able to see the energy more and I and I kind of sat there and thought about that. And I’m like, Okay, this makes a lot of sense to

00:04:13.170 –> 00:04:24.540
Jason Mefford: But you know, I guess, how, how does that kind of come through, or maybe help help us learn because I know that’s one of the things in my belief statement. So I’m actually writing down each day relates to

00:04:24.870 –> 00:04:36.150
Jason Mefford: Intuition and the fact that I want to be more open to actually feeling and receiving you know that information so that I know what to do.

00:04:36.270 –> 00:04:40.440
Jason Mefford: I receive daily inspiration. You know I act on it and I get clarity.

00:04:40.860 –> 00:04:49.620
Jason Mefford: From doing that. So, you know, how do we do that more and how does that kind of come into the intuitive coaching that you do.

00:04:49.860 –> 00:04:50.790
Jason Mefford: Yeah, well,

00:04:51.060 –> 00:04:55.320
Terrie Huberman: That’s a fabulous question. So the first thing you have to do is take yourself out of the equation.

00:04:56.910 –> 00:05:07.860
Terrie Huberman: Right. So the best way to do that is to get out of your head. Most of us are very heady very cerebral always planning strategizing. How do we do this. And that’s just because it’s just

00:05:08.400 –> 00:05:15.510
Terrie Huberman: As a human being. We always want to feel safe and secure. So we’re always just going to try and create situations scenarios.

00:05:15.990 –> 00:05:27.240
Terrie Huberman: So that we’re always safe and secure. So when you’re tapping into your tuition you’re giving up that part of yourself, which can be really scary, right, because all of a sudden you’re like ah, I have no

00:05:27.270 –> 00:05:28.590
Jason Mefford: Respect for people that were

00:05:29.040 –> 00:05:30.630
Jason Mefford: Taught to be analytical

00:05:30.750 –> 00:05:31.650
Terrie Huberman: Exactly.

00:05:31.740 –> 00:05:32.220
Terrie Huberman: And most of

00:05:32.460 –> 00:05:33.630
Terrie Huberman: Your identity. Yeah, if you

00:05:33.630 –> 00:05:34.710
Kathy Gruver: Don’t have that consciousness.

00:05:35.040 –> 00:05:48.060
Terrie Huberman: Exactly, exactly. So the first thing that you got to do is you got to, I don’t want say get rid of your identity because your identity is always there. You always have your free will, you’re always in control, but you have to sort of what I say and like I’ll do like a

00:05:48.450 –> 00:05:56.820
Terrie Huberman: Sort of like an intention or a prayer before I read for anybody or everybody, even if I’m doing like a collective on stage or whatnot.

00:05:57.270 –> 00:06:07.770
Terrie Huberman: I always say, allow me to step beside myself. So that means I’m taking myself out of the picture, because the reality is, is that

00:06:08.160 –> 00:06:16.950
Terrie Huberman: When I do my work. It’s for your highest intention. What, what can we do to get you to reach your potentials and possibilities and that has nothing to do with me.

00:06:18.030 –> 00:06:37.920
Terrie Huberman: Nothing to do with me. So my angle is like. This is about you. So I have to get myself out of this. My judgments. My everything. So that’s the first step is to get aside from yourself. Now it’s a practice thing. So that’s not something you can just

00:06:38.970 –> 00:06:49.050
Jason Mefford: Say yeah cuz that’s why I was gonna ask because when you said that I remember you know from meditations, and from other stuff. A lot of times people talk about be the observer, sir.

00:06:49.140 –> 00:06:50.400
Jason Mefford: What’s going on right

00:06:50.910 –> 00:07:05.430
Jason Mefford: And and there’s been, you know, again, I’m still working on this, but there’s been times when I’ve been going through that and it is, it feels as if I’m out of my body and I’m looking at my body, or I’m looking at that’s that’s what you’re talking about. Right.

00:07:05.460 –> 00:07:06.390
Jason Mefford: That’s trying to

00:07:06.900 –> 00:07:16.080
Terrie Huberman: Okay. Yeah, and you know it you sometimes people will have a physical sensation of just being a consciousness and awareness.

00:07:16.530 –> 00:07:23.310
Terrie Huberman: And not even having a physical body. I mean, I’ve been able to do that when I go into deep meditation. And I go into the quantum field.

00:07:23.670 –> 00:07:30.990
Terrie Huberman: But when I’m giving a reading all I’m doing is I’m getting myself out of my way, so that I can connect to your light waves to your energetic frequency

00:07:31.620 –> 00:07:51.240
Terrie Huberman: And then I’m grabbing information or extracting information from there. But the key is to get that part of our mind world and that is a practice and the best way to practice that is through meditation. So that would pretty much be the first step in doing that.

00:07:51.600 –> 00:07:53.670
Kathy Gruver: Would I be correct in assuming you meditate every day.

00:07:54.390 –> 00:07:56.610
Terrie Huberman: I do. Yes, I do.

00:07:56.640 –> 00:08:03.150
Kathy Gruver: And what does that look like for you is that very formal on the pillow. Is that a walking meditation is very. Do you have a structure to that.

00:08:03.480 –> 00:08:12.540
Terrie Huberman: So my structure. I actually had a structure, until recently, my structure did look like 4AM starting in meditation.

00:08:13.080 –> 00:08:24.360
Terrie Huberman: And then halfway through the day doing another hour meditation and then the evening doing another hour meditation that I was averaging about three hours a day of meditation, which is like a shit ton right

00:08:25.170 –> 00:08:25.500

00:08:27.060 –> 00:08:44.520
Terrie Huberman: Right. Um, it got to the point where it was actually too much for me because it was opening up way too much spiritually where my body couldn’t match up. And I was kind of what some people might experience as going insane. It was like, well, I gotta slow this down.

00:08:44.820 –> 00:08:51.570
Terrie Huberman: I have to be more grounded be more part of this world, right. So now I’m only meditating one hour a day.

00:08:53.100 –> 00:09:01.830
Terrie Huberman: And it’s typically an open focused meditation for me because I need to get into the sensing of the space around me.

00:09:02.790 –> 00:09:16.230
Terrie Huberman: Which allows me to open up to the frequencies of what’s happening around me. So like now I could just sit here and I could just even with my eyes open in conversation go okay I’m sensing this which is outside of me.

00:09:16.620 –> 00:09:34.980
Terrie Huberman: So, and that’s just me. I didn’t start out that way. I started out with guided meditation, your, your, your regular traditional meditation, but I have a tendency to work with a lot of clients who experienced anxiety and if you have anxiety meditation is super, super hard to do.

00:09:36.120 –> 00:09:38.880
Terrie Huberman: For hard to do. So I always start them off with

00:09:39.420 –> 00:09:49.620
Terrie Huberman: Like a candle meditation I I have them start at three minutes, literally three minutes and all they do is they watch a candle flame dance and that’s what their focus is on to get out of their head.

00:09:50.010 –> 00:10:02.220
Terrie Huberman: Because if I start telling them about feel the ocean waves against your skin like they’re like, I’m already 20 steps ahead of you going, What am I supposed to make for dinner for the kids tonight but

00:10:03.210 –> 00:10:04.230
Jason Mefford: I’ve never done that.

00:10:06.300 –> 00:10:08.610
Jason Mefford: Jason in my mind never races when I’m

00:10:09.720 –> 00:10:11.460
Terrie Huberman: A master meditator, yeah.

00:10:12.300 –> 00:10:22.800
Jason Mefford: It’s a practice and that was that. That was one thing that you know really hit me because the the first it was a conference that I went to several years ago and it was about

00:10:24.090 –> 00:10:37.560
Jason Mefford: Mindful workplace and everybody kept you know it was my first real introduction to something like that and and everybody would come up to me and say, so do you have a practice. Do you have a practice. Do you have a practice. And I’m like, What the hell are you talking about

00:10:38.040 –> 00:10:40.320
Jason Mefford: I have a business. Yeah, it’s a practice right

00:10:40.860 –> 00:10:41.610
Jason Mefford: It’s like

00:10:41.670 –> 00:10:49.740
Jason Mefford: And then it finally hit me, you know, a day or so into it about what they’re talking about and that all these things that we’re talking about. It’s

00:10:49.740 –> 00:10:51.690
Terrie Huberman: About practice. Yeah.

00:10:51.750 –> 00:11:06.570
Jason Mefford: You know, just like anything else. I mean, like you said, you started out with guided meditation. That’s what you know we all kind of start off with, and you know, at some point, we can all get up to an hour or three hours, you know, I mean, that’s amazing.

00:11:07.680 –> 00:11:12.240
Jason Mefford: You know, to be able to do that but it, it takes a while to get there. So everybody who’s listening.

00:11:12.720 –> 00:11:17.130
Jason Mefford: You know, don’t be like Oh geez. I’ve got to do three hours right away. Now we all start and it’s oh

00:11:17.130 –> 00:11:22.380
Terrie Huberman: God, now that we’ve developed. Like I said, I start off with my anxious clients at three minutes.

00:11:22.410 –> 00:11:23.700
Terrie Huberman: Three minutes.

00:11:25.050 –> 00:11:26.640
Terrie Huberman: Three minutes. Well,

00:11:26.700 –> 00:11:34.770
Kathy Gruver: And the other thing, though, for I mean in defense of a three hour meditation and now the hour that you do, Terry. That is you honing your skills.

00:11:35.430 –> 00:11:36.330
Terrie Huberman: That are the tricks.

00:11:36.360 –> 00:11:40.950
Kathy Gruver: Or sizing that that mean just like if you’re a gymnast, you need to stretch if you’re awake. I mean, you need to

00:11:40.980 –> 00:11:46.530
Kathy Gruver: Do to exercise that part of your body, mind, spirit that is doing the work for you. So

00:11:46.710 –> 00:11:50.070
Kathy Gruver: For you to do what you do, you need to be doing that type of meditation.

00:11:50.130 –> 00:11:52.440
Terrie Huberman: Yeah, technically. When I meditate, I’m working

00:11:52.800 –> 00:11:53.220
Kathy Gruver: Right.

00:11:53.460 –> 00:11:56.220
Terrie Huberman: Yeah, exactly. Oh yeah, you’re absolutely right. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:11:56.520 –> 00:11:58.560
Kathy Gruver: So I have a question for you. Going back to the

00:11:59.040 –> 00:12:02.820
Kathy Gruver: shutting off certain things and allowing certain things to happen. So I have watched

00:12:03.030 –> 00:12:15.240
Kathy Gruver: So many doctors when they pal pay you, they close their eyes when they kind of look off because they want to only feel what they’re feeling. They don’t want to see. They don’t want to. So in the same way that you’re doing that with you or you’re kind of setting yourself aside.

00:12:15.420 –> 00:12:15.750
Terrie Huberman: Mm hmm.

00:12:15.810 –> 00:12:28.800
Kathy Gruver: You’re reading those energy fields for people who are too sensitive because I’m very empathic I tend to take on the emotions of my clients. I used to take on the physical pain of my clients that was not fun. And I learned to manage that.

00:12:28.860 –> 00:12:30.060
Kathy Gruver: Rig has really helped.

00:12:30.510 –> 00:12:40.020
Kathy Gruver: I have had so many people say to me, I’m an empath and I can’t shut this out. What kind of advice would you give for people that need to sort of trim the edges on that a little bit.

00:12:40.710 –> 00:12:49.710
Terrie Huberman: Well, the first thing I would suggest is in its kind of two part, I would suggest that you can trust that you’re safe in this world, no matter what.

00:12:50.400 –> 00:13:02.640
Terrie Huberman: Energy or experienced you’re feeling emotion that you’re feeling. Um, so there has to be a sense of, I’m okay. I may not know what’s happening. And that’s what’s scaring me.

00:13:03.180 –> 00:13:14.160
Terrie Huberman: But I’m okay. So a little bit of self agencies, probably, you know, very helpful with that. Also, it’s the discernment of is this mine or is it not

00:13:14.910 –> 00:13:24.570
Terrie Huberman: And the weird thing happens is that when you make that consciousness you become mindful of, Oh my gosh, I’m experiencing an emotion.

00:13:25.470 –> 00:13:30.330
Terrie Huberman: You, you are able to make a separation and that’s the same thing with telepathy, by the way.

00:13:30.840 –> 00:13:38.880
Terrie Huberman: As a lot of times you might be having all these thoughts and you’re thinking, and you’re not with your client right Kathy. So you might be having. I don’t know.

00:13:39.300 –> 00:13:52.800
Terrie Huberman: Maybe with your boyfriend or something you might be experiencing some depression or something and then what to be to come online to be mindful and going okay I’m experiencing this emotion and then asking yourself is this mine.

00:13:52.830 –> 00:13:53.970
Terrie Huberman: Or is it not

00:13:54.030 –> 00:14:01.140
Terrie Huberman: Immediately that energetic cord is disconnected. If it’s not yours because you’re having a conscious awareness.

00:14:01.890 –> 00:14:11.310
Terrie Huberman: So if it’s yours, then you know you got to take care of it. But if it’s not yours. Then you can dismiss it. And you can observe it right

00:14:11.910 –> 00:14:30.750
Terrie Huberman: But even before doing that you should do some sort of filter or some sort of protection or it’s what. Really what it is is boundary setting. It’s just not tangible. So it’s not like I can put up a gate in front of you. Like right now, social distancing totally you know Bounder rising right

00:14:31.200 –> 00:14:31.470
Terrie Huberman: But

00:14:31.530 –> 00:14:32.190
Kathy Gruver: I love that word.

00:14:33.810 –> 00:14:34.380
Kathy Gruver: Boundaries.

00:14:34.980 –> 00:14:36.930
Terrie Huberman: It’s official. You can use it anytime

00:14:36.960 –> 00:14:37.740
Kathy Gruver: Perfect. Let’s do it.

00:14:39.330 –> 00:14:58.740
Terrie Huberman: But you know, it’s this non tangible boundary that you need to set with yourself and then if you are, you know, spiritually minded, you know, with Source Creator God goddess, whoever you believe in or trust in your higher power. So it’s boundaries.

00:14:59.130 –> 00:14:59.820
Kathy Gruver: Boundaries.

00:15:00.240 –> 00:15:05.400
Kathy Gruver: That’s great. Yeah, it was. It was tough. When I first started my practice because I would feel everything

00:15:05.760 –> 00:15:14.760
Kathy Gruver: And I remember actually heading to go have knee surgery and I was in the car. My ex husband, then husband was driving and all of a sudden I felt this wave of anxiety and I’m thinking,

00:15:15.210 –> 00:15:19.110
Kathy Gruver: I’m totally relaxed about my surgery, what the hell’s that about. And then I looked over at him and he’s like,

00:15:20.580 –> 00:15:23.400
Kathy Gruver: I was feeling his anxiety and I finally turned him and I went

00:15:23.550 –> 00:15:25.080
Kathy Gruver: You need to calm the fuck down.

00:15:25.140 –> 00:15:25.440
Terrie Huberman: Yeah.

00:15:25.470 –> 00:15:26.910
Kathy Gruver: Because you’re freaking me out, you know,

00:15:27.150 –> 00:15:28.920
Kathy Gruver: I realized it wasn’t mine. It was I

00:15:28.920 –> 00:15:33.330
Kathy Gruver: could feel his anxiety and I’m close to even that I haven’t seen in years.

00:15:33.600 –> 00:15:39.450
Kathy Gruver: Every once while ago. Hmm, wonder how stupid I wonder how my friend Tina is because like I feel that

00:15:39.660 –> 00:15:41.190
Terrie Huberman: Yeah, apathy.

00:15:41.250 –> 00:15:42.360
Kathy Gruver: By the way, yeah I

00:15:43.050 –> 00:15:53.880
Kathy Gruver: I appreciate it, because it helps me tap into. And that helps me help people heal. But there are times where I’m like, oh my god. Everybody be quiet, which I’m sure. Maybe you have that experience do

00:15:55.050 –> 00:15:56.730
Jason Mefford: You know, sounds like that was part of the

00:15:56.730 –> 00:15:58.080
Jason Mefford: Three hours to the one hour.

00:15:58.590 –> 00:15:59.340
Kathy Gruver: Wow. Yeah.

00:15:59.580 –> 00:16:08.250
Terrie Huberman: Yes, yes. When I first. So the other talent that I have is, I’m able to connect with people who are no longer living.

00:16:08.610 –> 00:16:10.770
Terrie Huberman: So I have spirits that come to me and

00:16:11.190 –> 00:16:18.900
Terrie Huberman: That developed later in my life I was closer to my 40s. It got to a point where spirits were coming to me.

00:16:19.320 –> 00:16:29.940
Terrie Huberman: All the time. Hey, tell this person is still that and I was like, I’m a human being that has to do human things. So for me, my boundary had to become very physical

00:16:30.510 –> 00:16:41.340
Terrie Huberman: And tangible. So what I would do is I would wear a ring that I designated anytime I was wearing this ring spirit. You’re not allowed to come and know I was like

00:16:41.400 –> 00:16:43.050
Terrie Huberman: Making myself a professor

00:16:43.140 –> 00:16:46.770
Terrie Huberman: Having office hours. So when I would take off the ring. Come on.

00:16:47.850 –> 00:16:48.960
Kathy Gruver: Yeah, that’s really great.

00:16:49.110 –> 00:16:50.040
Terrie Huberman: And that’s a boundary

00:16:50.370 –> 00:16:51.360
Terrie Huberman: That’s a boundary

00:16:51.450 –> 00:16:55.650
Terrie Huberman: So that was something I had to create and learn

00:16:57.360 –> 00:16:58.860
Terrie Huberman: You know, yeah.

00:16:59.010 –> 00:17:06.660
Kathy Gruver: Sometimes it is just experiment because you don’t like pick up the Yellow Pages and find an empath coach person to help you through that off and I’m glad I found you.

00:17:06.780 –> 00:17:13.500
Kathy Gruver: Yeah. So how does this tap into business. How does this tap into helping people grow their businesses hone their businesses.

00:17:13.980 –> 00:17:28.890
Terrie Huberman: Yeah. Well, what happens a lot of times is people get scared when an opportunity comes up and so they can actually talk themselves out of the opportunity, right. So that means you’re being in your head about it right so

00:17:29.820 –> 00:17:42.240
Terrie Huberman: It’s a matter of learning and discerning connecting to your body so that your body can speak first for you. So in other words, you may have this really great feeling about an opportunity

00:17:42.780 –> 00:17:45.510
Terrie Huberman: Or a client, maybe that you want to take on

00:17:45.990 –> 00:17:57.330
Terrie Huberman: But your head is like, Well, no, because last time this happened and did it and you talk yourself out of it. Whereas your body is saying like, this feels right. But you’re coming from your head going, and so

00:17:57.690 –> 00:18:13.650
Terrie Huberman: I really feel that if you’re not using your intuition. You’re not only getting away from your purpose, but you are not capitalizing and optimizing your, your business, your sales or whatever it is. So,

00:18:14.700 –> 00:18:20.250
Terrie Huberman: You’d be surprised what you will talk yourself into and talk yourself out of but that’s this

00:18:20.910 –> 00:18:22.320
Jason Mefford: Oh, I’m not surprised at all.

00:18:23.520 –> 00:18:24.630
Terrie Huberman: Okay, you’re not but

00:18:25.410 –> 00:18:26.490
Jason Mefford: That’s why I’m trying to work.

00:18:27.180 –> 00:18:31.740
Terrie Huberman: Right, yeah. But a lot of people don’t care or they don’t understand

00:18:32.070 –> 00:18:40.320
Terrie Huberman: You know, and then they go back and they reassess and they’re like, why didn’t I do that, I mean, it felt right. Well, that’s because you didn’t go with your feeling you went with your thoughts.

00:18:41.130 –> 00:18:49.770
Terrie Huberman: So had you gone with your feelings and your feelings will never, never betray you, or lead you off on the wrong path. Never.

00:18:51.600 –> 00:18:54.900
Jason Mefford: So, so, so let me ask trying to take notes here at the same time.

00:18:55.500 –> 00:18:58.590
Jason Mefford: Like, I don’t want to forgive any of this stuff. But so so

00:18:59.610 –> 00:19:03.450
Jason Mefford: I guess, let me let me kind of just explain kind of the way that I

00:19:04.470 –> 00:19:21.780
Jason Mefford: Was thinking about, or how I’ve been going about it right to see, is this the right way or what do I need to do. Because again, I mean, I know I get in my head a lot I overthink I’m analytical, you know, by nature, I was taught that in my profession.

00:19:23.070 –> 00:19:29.730
Jason Mefford: And so now, you know, again, it’s more like you said, you know, go with your feelings, not with your thoughts, because we can talk ourselves out of anything.

00:19:32.130 –> 00:19:39.690
Jason Mefford: So, you know, again, I mean, I’m saying these belief statements to myself each day that I’m receiving inspiration. I’m acting on it.

00:19:40.350 –> 00:19:45.150
Jason Mefford: And then I’m getting clarity, because that’s kind of what I’ve been taught to is when the inspiration comes

00:19:45.510 –> 00:19:52.500
Jason Mefford: You can sit there and think about it, but we don’t know if it’s right until you actually do something and the clarity comes afterwards. Right.

00:19:53.190 –> 00:20:00.900
Jason Mefford: So again, it might be all of a sudden, some client or prospect that I haven’t thought of for a while pops into my head.

00:20:01.560 –> 00:20:09.180
Jason Mefford: Or I had a dream about somebody, and it was some random thing. And it’s like, Why the hell was I thinking about that or whatever. Right.

00:20:09.960 –> 00:20:17.970
Jason Mefford: But if I take some action, you know, because again, I’m not going to understand what that means. Until I do something

00:20:18.570 –> 00:20:26.910
Jason Mefford: But if I actually get up in the morning and go hey, you know what I thought about Joe get on LinkedIn, Joe, how you doing man, you know, send them a message.

00:20:27.300 –> 00:20:39.300
Jason Mefford: That’s the feelings and the doing and I don’t know what it means. I mean, to me to as I, as I’ve tried to go through this process, it’s, I don’t understand why.

00:20:40.110 –> 00:20:52.020
Jason Mefford: And I, and some of the stuff I may never understand why. But the more I act when I get the inspiration. That’s the practice right that you’re kind of talking about and and

00:20:52.350 –> 00:20:54.090
Jason Mefford: I may never know what it is, but the

00:20:54.090 –> 00:21:02.730
Jason Mefford: More I actually take action on the inspiration, the more I’m going to see and I’m strengthening that right. Yeah.

00:21:03.270 –> 00:21:08.970
Terrie Huberman: And that is the key to manifestation and creation of your reality right there and then

00:21:10.590 –> 00:21:12.000
Terrie Huberman: Taking an action.

00:21:13.080 –> 00:21:18.540
Terrie Huberman: Because of an inspiration or a hit or an Inkling is

00:21:19.680 –> 00:21:33.300
Terrie Huberman: The how you want to get to your goal right so you design a goal. Let’s just say, right, your job is not to figure out how your job is to be led

00:21:33.930 –> 00:21:48.720
Terrie Huberman: To right by you following those inspirations those Inklings those why call them gifts is leading you to the next step. So those are what I would call bread crumbs of your soul.

00:21:49.170 –> 00:22:00.900
Terrie Huberman: Right, so you are just kind of taking the next step. The next step. The next step. So yeah, it’s super important to follow that. And you don’t know how it’s all going to pan out

00:22:01.740 –> 00:22:12.570
Terrie Huberman: But there is a sense of trust somehow within you are having faith and that’s usually because you have a goal in mind. Whatever your goal is, and you’re like, I’m going to get there.

00:22:13.320 –> 00:22:24.090
Terrie Huberman: Because you’re committed to it. Right. It’s not your job to worry about the how. Your job is to design it, your job is to be really specific about what your needs are, but you know if Joe is part of this.

00:22:24.450 –> 00:22:36.840
Terrie Huberman: You know formula of your ultimate goal then Joe is going to be a step a breadcrumb that is dropped and you are picking it up. So a lot of times in business.

00:22:37.410 –> 00:22:43.380
Terrie Huberman: People will immobilize because they’re so focused on the end goal that they get overwhelmed, instead of

00:22:43.890 –> 00:23:00.480
Terrie Huberman: Taking things into bite sized pieces and allowing themselves to be led you can use your intuition really well for those bite sized pieces. And they will take you to the next step to the next step to the next step. And I’m sorry, go ahead.

00:23:00.540 –> 00:23:01.830
Kathy Gruver: No, go ahead. No, go ahead. Go ahead.

00:23:02.250 –> 00:23:18.210
Terrie Huberman: I was gonna say when you look too big. You get too heavy. But if you go smaller, you get more into, you know, your heart and your heart. The energy frequency when you’re in coherence, the with the heart is what actually brings in what your thoughts put out energetically

00:23:19.950 –> 00:23:29.160
Kathy Gruver: What I was gonna say two different things. One of which is you know you’re in LA. TERRY, YOU’RE HERE. La. I live in LA for ages. We used to consult the Thomas guide and

00:23:30.300 –> 00:23:31.410
Kathy Gruver: Remember the book anybody

00:23:32.040 –> 00:23:33.780
Kathy Gruver: Under 30 is like what the hell the Thomas

00:23:35.580 –> 00:23:40.980
Kathy Gruver: Hated I hated that thing because you get to the end of the page. You’re like, god damn it, and you could

00:23:41.040 –> 00:23:43.650
Kathy Gruver: Do it in the car. There was no what you had a plan it out ahead of time.

00:23:43.680 –> 00:23:48.210
Kathy Gruver: Yeah, it was just very sequential. It’s like, go to this page, go to this page. And if you went to the very end.

00:23:48.420 –> 00:23:57.180
Kathy Gruver: It didn’t show you the steps to get there. Yeah. Now we have ways we type it in and we don’t we don’t analyze ways every second of the way we just trust us taking us to where we wanted to go

00:23:57.690 –> 00:24:05.130
Kathy Gruver: BACK AND I LOVE THAT YOU SAID trust, trust when I started doing Reiki I used to get these weird. What I didn’t know what it was. I get these weird like

00:24:05.430 –> 00:24:08.460
Kathy Gruver: Feelings to say something to the person on the table. And I remember thinking,

00:24:08.820 –> 00:24:20.430
Kathy Gruver: Like what they’re going to think of a crazy person. Why would I ask them that question. So then I would kind of like go, Hey, so, um, do you believe in, like, because I’m getting, you know, I used to like almost sort of apologize for it in advance.

00:24:20.550 –> 00:24:20.760
Terrie Huberman: Yeah.

00:24:20.940 –> 00:24:31.680
Kathy Gruver: And there was one day I got, I was we’re doing Reiki on this woman and I got this clear message to ask her about fairies and I’m thinking, Oh my God, she’s gonna

00:24:31.770 –> 00:24:33.030
Kathy Gruver: I’m gonna be burned at the stake.

00:24:33.270 –> 00:24:33.720
Terrie Huberman: Again,

00:24:33.840 –> 00:24:40.920
Kathy Gruver: She’s gonna think I’m a crazy person. Why would I ask her about fairies, and it just kept like nagging me tapping me on the shoulder and I finally went okay. Shut up.

00:24:41.250 –> 00:24:46.470
Kathy Gruver: And I said, Look, I said this is gonna sound really weird. I said, sometimes I get messages that aren’t for me there for you.

00:24:47.070 –> 00:24:55.050
Kathy Gruver: I don’t know if this makes any sense to you. Is there some sort of connection with you and fairies, and she took this deep inhale and exhale. And she said, Oh, my God.

00:24:55.350 –> 00:25:10.290
Kathy Gruver: She goes, I grew up back east and I so I did too. She said in my grandmother and I used to sit on the porch at night and we would watch the Fireflies. And she told me they were fairies. Thank you so much for saying that that is just the most beautiful memory and I’m like holy shit.

00:25:11.220 –> 00:25:15.810
Kathy Gruver: So I started to realize like, I’m not going to be given these things if they are wrong.

00:25:16.140 –> 00:25:18.810
Kathy Gruver: Correct. So I had to just trust.

00:25:18.870 –> 00:25:30.840
Kathy Gruver: That what seemed completely weird to me made total sense. It was a gift to that person who I was working with. And so I’m just as you’re talking I’m realizing it’s like okay so I’m doing that for everybody else. But I’m not doing it for me.

00:25:32.010 –> 00:25:34.320
Terrie Huberman: We’re very good for others. But when it comes to

00:25:35.880 –> 00:25:40.680
Terrie Huberman: How come I didn’t see that red flag there well because it’s our experience, up to

00:25:40.920 –> 00:25:42.600
Terrie Huberman: You know, evolve our soul with that.

00:25:42.870 –> 00:25:45.390
Terrie Huberman: Let’s see. This is why we have a Terry, so we can call you and

00:25:46.770 –> 00:26:05.790
Terrie Huberman: Thomas day knowledge. Um, but, but, Kathy. The thing is, is that, you know, you’ll get these hits and each time you follow them, you will build your confidence. Again, it’s like exercising a muscle. So trust comes with the frequency of taking an action.

00:26:06.660 –> 00:26:17.640
Terrie Huberman: And you’ll get validation every pretty, pretty much every single time. And then you really start to trust. So again, it’s just a practice, it’s just a practice over and over again.

00:26:18.630 –> 00:26:19.350
Jason Mefford: Well that’s why because it

00:26:19.560 –> 00:26:30.450
Jason Mefford: Causes cause and effect cause and effect cause and effect have been in like last three or four books that I’ve read over this last month cause and effect cause of, oh yeah, if this keeps coming up.

00:26:31.290 –> 00:26:36.480
Jason Mefford: In everything that I’m reading. And so that’s where, again, this all ties into this as well. Right.

00:26:36.510 –> 00:26:39.270
Jason Mefford: To where again. Well, we only get

00:26:39.450 –> 00:26:47.190
Jason Mefford: So like what I’m, what I’m meaning is like with the goal, right, is you set the big goal, like you said, but we don’t understand the how.

00:26:47.820 –> 00:26:48.000
Terrie Huberman: Right.

00:26:48.030 –> 00:26:54.330
Jason Mefford: We don’t, we don’t know necessarily how we’re going to get there, but it, it requires some action on our part.

00:26:54.720 –> 00:26:55.110
Terrie Huberman: Yeah.

00:26:55.680 –> 00:27:05.610
Jason Mefford: And so the more we take the action, even if it sounds crazy, like, you know, how about fairies, right, or whatever it happens to be.

00:27:06.240 –> 00:27:26.940
Jason Mefford: Even, even if it’s not necessarily related to our particular goal, the more the inspiration that we get that intuition that comes to us and we act on it. It’s a cause and effect thing, right. So again, maybe it’s getting us closer to that goal. It’s at least exercising.

00:27:27.390 –> 00:27:33.900
Jason Mefford: Our intuition. Like, you talked about. Right. And the more that we do it, the more of the universe is going to give to us too, because

00:27:34.800 –> 00:27:44.460
Jason Mefford: If we’re not listening. Then people quit talking, after a while, you know, it’s like if you’re talking to somebody and they listen. After a while, you just kind of stop.

00:27:44.670 –> 00:27:47.850
Jason Mefford: Right, and so it’s it’s that same kind of thing, right.

00:27:48.060 –> 00:28:00.840
Terrie Huberman: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you’re not following the guidance being given to you. You will be given a very big message that it is time for you to listen so

00:28:00.840 –> 00:28:02.370
Jason Mefford: Much slaps in the face.

00:28:02.790 –> 00:28:11.610
Terrie Huberman: on many levels. It’s just a choice, you know. And again, that’s where actually caused the anger, an effect versus cause

00:28:12.210 –> 00:28:30.060
Terrie Huberman: Then effect is is is more in play cards, being in effect is. And it’s also the more new spiritual paradigm that’s more of the quantum, you know, and that’s more of like using your energy to your benefit to actually have some sense of control over things and then, you know, being led to

00:28:31.470 –> 00:28:40.980
Terrie Huberman: Which is causing an effect not cause an effect, but in the example that you’re giving yes it would be like cause and effect I followed my intuition and this is what happened.

00:28:42.000 –> 00:28:42.330
Terrie Huberman: Yeah.

00:28:43.140 –> 00:28:45.030
Kathy Gruver: Well, we’ve once again blown through our half hour.

00:28:50.190 –> 00:28:50.430
Jason Mefford: Well,

00:28:50.460 –> 00:28:52.470
Kathy Gruver: We can have Terry back Jason, it’s okay.

00:28:53.580 –> 00:28:57.300
Jason Mefford: I hope we have Terry back. Now, this, this is actually, it’s, it’s

00:28:58.650 –> 00:29:10.590
Jason Mefford: Like I said, this is one of those things that I’m really trying to work on myself. You know, because again, the whole idea of, you know, working hard working hard working hard is not necessarily how you manifest. It’s

00:29:10.590 –> 00:29:12.960
Jason Mefford: More, you know, again, coming up with the

00:29:12.960 –> 00:29:19.620
Jason Mefford: Goal trusting in the universe, getting that inspiration flexing those muscles.

00:29:21.570 –> 00:29:24.510
Jason Mefford: I wish, I wish I understood the how, but

00:29:24.870 –> 00:29:27.030
Jason Mefford: Will never, I always I overnight.

00:29:28.530 –> 00:29:29.760
Jason Mefford: Camp right and it’s

00:29:30.150 –> 00:29:34.320
Jason Mefford: Wait, when you think about the huge collective energy in the universe.

00:29:35.370 –> 00:29:37.260
Jason Mefford: We cannot comprehend it.

00:29:37.620 –> 00:29:40.590
Jason Mefford: With our mind, the way that it is no

00:29:41.040 –> 00:29:42.420
Terrie Huberman: Mind. Right. Yeah.

00:29:43.950 –> 00:29:44.430
Kathy Gruver: Oh,

00:29:44.460 –> 00:29:46.170
Jason Mefford: Are spirit soul can

00:29:47.640 –> 00:29:50.280
Jason Mefford: But it’s hard to put those things in words.

00:29:50.310 –> 00:29:51.660
Jason Mefford: To right i mean that’s why a

00:29:51.660 –> 00:29:59.130
Jason Mefford: Lot of times people that have very spiritual experience. They, they don’t even have the words to express what

00:29:59.190 –> 00:30:01.350
Terrie Huberman: They just felt or experienced. Yeah.

00:30:02.580 –> 00:30:10.260
Kathy Gruver: Absolutely awesome. All right, Terry. So how can everybody reach you are you are. I know you’re doing on Instagram, you were doing your weekly energy reading, are you still doing that.

00:30:10.560 –> 00:30:15.390
Terrie Huberman: Yeah. So I do a weekend and week day energy reading

00:30:15.990 –> 00:30:31.500
Terrie Huberman: I also have a website, Terry Huberman calm. So you could either book a reading or you could do more long term coaching where we can really get into this and help you reach all your goals and discover blind spots, that’s the biggest thing.

00:30:32.190 –> 00:30:35.760
Terrie Huberman: Because we think we know what our problems are and then boom, so

00:30:37.500 –> 00:30:50.550
Terrie Huberman: So that would be Terry Huberman calm Simon intuitive coaching package page that you can check out. And then you can also book individual one on one private readings and I do parties all those other things.

00:30:50.610 –> 00:30:58.110
Kathy Gruver: Oh yeah, and your her. I swear I mean your readings are so incredible ability readings. I’ve had to do to compatibility readings for me.

00:30:58.350 –> 00:31:00.810
Kathy Gruver: Yeah, they were so ridiculously right on.

00:31:00.960 –> 00:31:03.660
Kathy Gruver: Oh, one relationship. I’m still in and when I’m not

00:31:03.870 –> 00:31:07.080
Kathy Gruver: Okay. The one I’m not, I can look back and go, Oh, she called that one.

00:31:07.200 –> 00:31:07.830

00:31:08.940 –> 00:31:09.540
Terrie Huberman: I’m sorry.

00:31:10.500 –> 00:31:12.210
Jason Mefford: Great white spot blind spot.

00:31:14.670 –> 00:31:15.000
Terrie Huberman: Yeah.

00:31:15.240 –> 00:31:20.760
Kathy Gruver: Yes. Yeah, so it’s amazing. Anyway, okay, this has been another great episode I’m Kathy Gruber. I can be reached at Kathy group com

00:31:21.360 –> 00:31:34.440
Jason Mefford: And I’m Jason effort. I can be reached at Jason method calm, so go out tap into your intuition start practicing exercising it and we’ll catch you on a future episode of the fire and earth podcast. See ya.

00:31:34.890 –> 00:31:35.250

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