Have you had a conversation this last month that just didn’t go the way you expected??? If you’re like most people I’m sure you have. Might have been at work, might have been in your personal life … and I’m guessing with the holidays coming there are some conversations you aren’t looking forward to with family, friends, or maybe that staff member you need to deliver a difficult message to about their performance.

In this #jammingwithjason #internalauditpodcast I share how you can control any conversation, get people to take action, and make quicker, better decisions.

Listen to the entire episode at: http://www.jasonmefford.com/jammingwithjason/

Imagine how much more confidence you will have when you know exactly what to say and do so you can control any conversation … even in a remote work environment. When you are ready, join us in the Briefing Leadership Program at: https://jasonmefford.mykajabi.com/caebriefing

Registration ends on Tuesday, 22 December so make sure to get in before the doors close.

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